What is contactless?


Contactless is the easy way to pay for anything up to THB 1,500* with your American Express® Card.

Simply hold your Card close to the reader, wait for the confirmation and you're done.

Plus, you're covered by the same fraud protection, best-in-class service and Card member rewards.


You can make contactless payments at Point of Sale Terminals which are set up to accept American Express contactless.

Some shops are now accepting contactless as we continue to work with merchants to enable American Express contactless payments,

please check with the shop assistant if you can tap and go. If not, you can still use Chip when checking out.


*Depending on the store policy. Check in-store for more details. 



How to use your contactless Card


Step 1:



Check if your Card has the

contactless symbol 

Step 2:



Check the shop or the Card

reader displays the contactless logo at places that accept American Express or ask the shop assistant



Step 3:



Hold your Card close to the

reader and wait for the beep – it’s as

simple as that

Contactless Security

Security Transaction


Contactless payments use the same security as Chip,

using dynamics and unique encryption keys which protect

effectively against counterfeiting for all Card payments.



Intelligent Security


Our teams of fraud protection experts use constantly evolving

and sophisticated technology to analyze your spending patterns

and will notify you if there is any unusual activity on your account.



You’re also covered by our Fraud Protection Guarantee as well as 24/7 customersupport,
so if you’re ever concerned about your Card security, just contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions