Travellers Cheques

It could happen to you...

That holiday you carefully planned and looked forward to could be ruined by a pickpocket. Or the loss of your bag. Don't take chances. Take American Express Travellers Cheques instead and travel with peace of mind.

Safer than Cash
Lost cash can mean an early end to any trip. Unlike cash, Travellers Cheques are protected from the moment you receive and sign them. If lost or stolen, American Express Travellers Cheques can be replaced with a single telephone call--usually within 24 hours.

Help is available, 24 hours a day
You'll have access to one of the best global refund networks and customer services in the world. Our Travellers Cheque Service Center staff is available to help, in your language, 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Just call 0-2273-5296.

Worldwide Acceptance
American Express Travellers Cheques are welcomed around the world. They're available in numerous currencies and denominations. They can be cashed at thousands of banks, foreign currency exchange bureaus and American Express Travel and Representative offices.

No Expiry Date
American Express Travellers Cheques do not expire, so you can save unused Travellers Cheques for you next trip, or as a secure supply of cash.

Better Exchange Rates
Typically, you'll find you receive more attractive exchange rates for American Express Travellers Cheques than for the same transaction conducted in cash.

Two simple steps for peace of mind:

  • Upon purchase, sign each cheque immediately in the top left corner.
  • Upon encashment, sign again in the bottom left corner in front of the person accepting the cheque.
If your Cheques are lost or stolen, our Travellers Cheque Service Center staff can help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Replacement cheques can be authorized immediately and can be collected from one of over 100,000 locations worldwide. In certain circumstances, we can deliver them directly to you, virtually anywhere in the world.

Where to buy American Express Travellers Cheques in Thailand? (Purchase Locations)

The following banks sell American Express Travellers Cheques in Thailand:

Local Commercial Banks:


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