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Fund Growth

Turn your business goals into reality.

With an American Express® Business Loan, you can spend less time thinking about what-ifs and more energy on making your business goals reality.

Invest in your business.

Open another location, upgrade old equipment, or boost your marketing. American Express® Business Loans can help you invest more in your business.

Improve Cash Flow.

American Express® Business Loans can give you the extra cash you need to deal with business seasonality, offset monthly expenses, and more.

Reduce Costs.

Buy inventory in bulk, invest in new products, or negotiate better terms with suppliers. Help drive profitability and achieve your goals with American Express® Business Loans.

How It Works

Fixed interest rate loans with your choice of repayment period.

American Express® Business Loans can help you turn your business goals into reality.


Check Your Rate.

Log in to your American Express online account to see your pre-approved loan amount and APR. Then apply for your loan at your pre-approved rate.


Choose your repayment option.

To apply, tell us how much you want to borrow and choose one of three repayment periods that best meets your needs. Then see what your monthly payment could be.


Accept your loan.

If you're approved, review the terms of your loan and, if you accept, we will distribute your loan funds.