American Express® Buyer Initiated Payments

Working capital optimisation for you. Peace of mind for your suppliers.

Help increase Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) for your business and decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) for your suppliers by consolidating Card payments to suppliers into one simple and secure online platform.

Turn your Accounts Payable process into an efficient source of savings

American Express Buyer Initiated Payments is a web portal that lets buyers quickly and efficiently schedule payments to suppliers. It can integrate easily into your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software without disrupting existing Accounts Payable (AP) processes.

Optimise your working capital while controlling when and how suppliers are paid

Buyer Initiated Payments: Benefits for buyers

Manage cash flow

Extend your DPO by up to 58 days1 so you can have more cash on hand to invest in your business.

Increase efficiencies

Consolidate supplier payments into one online platform that integrates with existing Accounts Payable processes.

Improve control

Make payments faster and strengthen supplier relationships while maintaining internal compliance.

Enjoy incentives

Take advantage of early payment incentives from suppliers without impacting your cash on hand.

Buyer Initiated Payments: Benefits for suppliers

Manage cash flow

Potentially accelerate payment to help increase liquidity and reduce DSO2.

Increase efficiencies

Gain peace of mind knowing that American Express assumes risk for authorised transactions.

Build effective relationships

Demonstrate flexibility to help improve relationships and potentially gain more business.

Automate payments

Buyer Initiated Payments removes the need to manually key payments, while providing you with a remittance file.

How does Buyer Initiated Payments work?


Payment Initiated

The buyer uses the web-based Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) platform to schedule payments of approved invoices to suppliers.


Funds Sent

American Express processes the payment on the scheduled date and deposits funds into the supplier's designated account within one business day. A remittance advice is sent to the supplier.


Payment Confirmed

The BIP platform updates with real-time payment information. BIP Enterprise customers receive an automatic confirmation of payment.


Statement Settled

The buyer pays American Express, extending DPO by up to 58 days1.

Case Study

Case study: a wholesaler optimises their working capital

The Challenge: A wholesaler, following standard industry practices, offered longer payment terms to its customers than those offered by its suppliers. As a result, cash was going out more quickly than it was coming in, and they were unable to purchase optimum levels of stock for their customers without incurring hefty interest rates.


The Solution: By making use of American Express Buyer Initiated Payments, the wholesaler was able to take advantage of process efficiencies as both a buyer and seller—and gain more days to pay on both ends.


As a buyer, they’ve increased Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), resulting in optimised working capital. As a seller, they’ve taken advantage of earlier payments from customers. BIP allowed them to receive payments just five days after the customer authorised them, which is significantly faster than conventional invoice terms and still allowed their customer to pay only when the statement is due.


Finally, the wholesaler benefitted from enhanced supplier relationships, as BIP enabled them to pay their own suppliers more promptly than most traditional invoicing processes, while still increasing DPO on their end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms & Conditions


1. The number of days by which your DPO is extended will vary depending on: (i) when during your American Express Card billing cycle you charge a transaction to a supplier; (ii) the date the transaction is posted to your account; and (iii) the date you pay the amount due on your American Express billing statement. 


2. DSO reduction varies depending on the agreed terms upon which your customer makes payment using BIP.