American Express® vPayment

Less time on paperwork. More time for growth.

Introducing the virtual payment solution that simplifies the supplier payments process so you can spend more time on your business.

Automated payments and easy reconciliations are just the beginning

American Express vPayment™ uses Virtual Account Numbers as a secure payment solution for each transaction. Program Administrators can set payment amounts, date ranges and transaction details to help improve control and streamline reconciliation processes.

Control meets efficiency with American Express vPayment

Gain control

Set spending parameters to help keep spending within budget and make sure company money is being used the right way.

Reduce risk

Use multiple controls and verification features to help ensure policy compliance while dynamic virtual account numbers help reduce the risk of fraud.

Improve efficiency

Easily track and match spend, using enhanced data to help streamline back office reconciliation processes.

Strengthen relationships

Reinforce strategic relationships by making it easier to recognise and reconcile payments they receive from your business.

How does American Express vPayment work?




Choose from up to 20 customisable fields such as cost centre, job code, requisition number, event number and project code.


Create Virtual

Account Number

The American Express @ Work® platform enables you to generate a single-use or multi-use Virtual Account Number for the transaction.




The supplier charges your American Express vPayment account.




The virtual payment processing platform verifies the transaction. If all the parameters are met, the transaction is approved and the payment is initiated.

Case Study

Case study: a professional services company matches transactions to invoices

The Challenge: When transactions were not matching invoices, the Accounts Team at a professional services company found themselves struggling to reconcile payments and accurately report their budget.


The Solution: Implementing American Express vPayment allowed them to generate Virtual Account Numbers for each invoiced amount and add parameters such as cost centre and date range to help match transactions to invoices. They then send Virtual Account Numbers to the suppliers as payment for approved invoices with each payment tied to a specific set of customised data, limit and validity period. Each transaction must match all approved parameters, including amounts and date ranges, to be processed. The Virtual Account Number becomes inactive once the balance of payment is taken or the valid date range has passed.

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