Chip & PIN and Contactless Payments

Simple and secure ways to pay


What is a Chip Card and how is it different from a Magnetic Stripe Card? 

A Chip Card contains a small, embedded microchip, which encrypts your Account information, making it difficult to duplicate, copy or access. Transactions can be completed when your Card is inserted into a chip-enabled Card reader, and you enter your unique PIN – a number that identifies you as the rightful holder of your Card and replaces your signature. This technology is more advanced than magnetic stripe technology, and it will make an already safe payment system even more secure. ​​

How to make a purchase with Contactless

Contactless is a quick, easy, and secure way to make payments. Now these can be made without the need to enter a PIN for transactions up to $200.

A man making payment using chip-enabled Card.

Step 1

Check your Card and the store or reader has the Contactless symbol.

A man making payment at a cafe using chip-enabled Card.

Step 2

Tap your Contactless Card on the reader at the checkout. ​

A lady making payment at a grocery shop.

Step 3

Spend up to $200 in a single transaction without a PIN.

Managing your Account on the go​

Use the American Express® Mobile App to manage your Account, view your transaction history, or access Amex offers any time, at any place.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I choose my PIN?
    To view, change or unlock PIN simply log into your Account, go to Account Management, select security & privacy then the link to View or Change PIN. Follow any security prompts such as One-time code to access your PIN. If your PIN has been locked an alert will appear to unlock it. Follow the prompts to view PIN to unlock it.
  • What happens if my American Express Chip Card is stolen?
    Don’t worry, we'll work to get a replacement Card to you as soon as possible (often within two working days). Call us anytime, day or night, on 1300 132 639 (from Australia) or +612 9271 8666 (from overseas).
  • Do I use the same PIN for cash access?
    Yes. If you are enrolled for cash advances, your existing PIN on your Card will work for both purchases and cash access. To request a PIN reminder, please log into Online Services.​