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Six reasons your business should start video marketing

Video marketing is vital for businesses today. Here's why you should be embracing this valuable marketing tool.

Online video is exploding. In 2015, Facebook generated eight billion video views per day, and by 2020 video will make up 80 per cent of internet traffic globally. Statistics like these simply can’t be ignored. Here are six reasons why you should add video to your marketing mix.


1. Amp up your engagement


While more people are definitely consuming video, there’s also evidence to suggest that this is driving engagement. If you have a video on your home page, conversion rates can increase by up to 80 per cent, while 64 per cent of online users are more likely to buy an e-commerce product after watching a video about it.


2. Harness the power of mobile


It’s no secret that we love our mobile devices. According to data from Cisco, by 2020 traffic from mobile devices will account for two-thirds of total internet traffic. SMEs must be prepared to optimise their videos for consumers on the go. The good news is that video for mobile can be produced relatively cheaply and has a high level of engagement.


3. Improve your SEO and Google ranking


Google ranks websites that have video more highly than those that don’t. For SMEs looking to improve their search engine results, generating original video content can do as much for your site as targeted keywords and appropriate tagging. Not only will this improve visibility for your existing customers, it will also expose your brand to new markets.


4. Cut through complexity


Video is an effective way of explaining complicated topics. Many SMEs are making use of animation or moving infographics to demonstrate how their product or service works. This is a far more consumable way of delivering content to users who are often in a hurry and don’t have the patience to read lengthy written articles.


5. Demonstrate company culture


Using video is a great way to give your company some personality. Introduce staff, show off your office and showcase some behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. This can be done on a budget by filming on a high res mobile device and uploading the video directly to your social media channels. Don’t be shy about documenting fun out-of-office activities like team-building events.


6. Promote your business


Many SMEs are using video as a teaser for new product launches and company announcements. This type of video can be hosted on social sites like Snapchat or Facebook and, if you’re lucky, it might garner the attention of media for wider exposure.


Ultimately, if you add video to your marketing strategy, you’ll not only be making use of the world’s fastest growing – and most engaging – content stream, you’ll also be maximising your business potential by reaching new customers and enhancing brand identity. Video marketing is the future, and now’s the time to get on board.