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American Express® GlobalTravel Card

Available in: $ USD // � GBP // � EUR

Three Global Travel Cards

  • Travel Has Enough Surprises - Your Currency Shouldn�t Be One

    Put your travel funds on a prepaid, reloadable American Express GlobalTravel Card and be prepared for travel�s little surprises, like exchange rate fluctuations, theft, or even lost luggage.

    Where to Buy

    Or call 1800 182 152 for more information.

    GlobalTravel Cards in 3 Currencies
  • Funds Never Expire - And No Inactivity Fees

    Don't worry. Your travel funds will stay where they are until you use them.

    Review Fees

    Or call 1800 182 152 for more information.

  • Travel Emergency? - Call on Global Assist®

    Receive emergency medical, legal, and other travel help, worldwide.

    Get Peace of Mind

    Or call 1800 182 152 for more information.

Planning a trip to london


Packed with travel-friendly features:

  • Easy to use, at both merchants and ATMs
  • Reloadable at your convenience
  • Accepted at millions of locations globally, outside of Australia, where American Express® Cards are welcome
  • Useful for managing your
    travel budget
  • Simple to manage, online or
    by phone

Manage travel money Card funds more conveniently


A smart way to make the most of
your travel money Card:

  • Funds never expire, no
    inactivity fees
  • Locked-in exchange rate
  • Exclusive special offers

Get more value for your funds

Peace of Mind

Extra help when you need it, at no additional cost:

  • Backup Card with separate PIN
  • Emergency Card replacement
  • Emergency access to your funds
  • 24/7 access to medical, legal, and other help, through Global Assist®
  • Fraud protection
  • No link to your bank account

Enjoy extra peace of mind


Before you next travel, be sure to verify your American Express® GlobalTravel Card expiry date by checking the "Valid Thru" date on the front of your Card. For details on how to request a new Card, check out our FAQs

No currency exchange fees