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From money-saving ideas to travel inspiration and daily life tips, get inspired to do great things and make your life more rewarding.


From getting out of town for the day to getting away from it all for a well-earned break, see what great things you can do on your travels.


From helpful ways to get on top of your Credit Card bill to simple steps to save on your weekly groceries, learn what great things you can do to help you save money.


From the tastiest places to dine out to activities that keep the kids active and happy over the holidays, discover what great things you can do day in, day out.


From helping you get prepared to bring a new puppy home to guiding you through buying your first home, find out what great things you can do for the moments that matter most.


Dive into experiences you’ll never forget. From pre-sale tickets and lounge access at the most sought-after shows, to exclusive benefits at exhibitions and movies, you can spend your nights out in style.


The perfect night in with American Express Essential® Rewards Card

It’s Friday night and your plans involve sitting on the sofa and enjoying your well-deserved (delivered) takeaway and move night with your nearest and dearest. Does it get any better than that? It does… thanks to the American Express Essential Rewards Card, you can earn extra Membership Reward® points every time you spend the night in.


A perfect weekend with the American Express Essential® Rewards Card

The best weekends are chock full of experiences – catching up with friends over brunch, crossing tasks off the to-do list, recharging at home. With the Amex Essential Rewards Card, all the ways you make the most of your weekends are now more rewarding, because you can earn up to 5x Membership Rewards points for every dollar you spend.


Enjoy the best foodie experiences your city has to offer this May

Whether you live in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth, get ready to love your city even more, thanks to American Express delicious. Month Out (AEDMO), the annual month-long food and experiences festival.


Maximise Velocity Points with the AMEX Velocity Platinum Card

Unlock an exceptional travel experience with the American Express Velocity Platinum Credit Card, for the modern traveller who seeks more from their credit card. Elevate your journey and transform the way you experience travel rewards. From airport lounge passes to complimentary insurance coverage, this premium Card opens the door to endless travel benefits and extraordinary opportunities.



Moving in together: simple tips for couples

Moving in together checklist: things to do that can make your relationship even better Moving in with your partner for the first time is exciting and it gives you the chance to do more things together. From decorating your new place, to shopping for furniture and exploring your new neighbourhood, there’s a world of fun awaiting. If you’re moving in with a partner, the following tips will help make the transition smoother.

Life Moments

How to prepare for a new dog

Things to do before getting a puppy to help them settle in their new home. Getting a new puppy is exciting, but there's a lot to think about. Aside from needing your unconditional love, your puppy needs your time, understanding, training, vet care, and so much more. To help the transition, follow these simple tips on how to get ready for a puppy.


Sydney To Byron Bay: Road Trip With Friends

Make your way up the east coast with friends on one of Australia’s most iconic drives, Sydney to Byron with so many stops to explore along the way.

Financial Wellbeing

How to save electricity when working from home and reduce your bill

How To Reduce Energy Consumption When Working From Home. Small changes to your home’s energy usage can help lower your bill when working from home. Here are some simple tips to keep your electricity costs down.

Financial Wellbeing

Emergency fund: money-saving tips to get ahead with your finances

Having an emergency fund provides a financial safety net if something unexpected happens to you or your family. But when should you start saving, do you need to pay off your debt first, and how much should you put away for an emergency fund? Research has found that one in five Australians don’t put away a portion of their income for a rainy day. If you’re part of that statistic, or you are looking to increase your savings, the following are our top emergency fund tips to help you start saving money to cover urgent or unexpected expenses.

Financial Wellbeing

Create Financial Goals With Your Monthly Budget

Saving money is always a great idea in theory. Unfortunately, budgeting has a bad reputation because people think it means no more spending money on anything fun ever again. But once you learn how to create financial goals and track your finances.


best indoor plants for begineers

Creating your green oasis: Best indoor plants for beginners

Add some green to your living space with our easy guide to houseplants for beginners, from choosing the right plants to simple care and watering tips.

Key strategies to help achieve a better work-life balance

Finding a positive work-life balance can be challenging at times. Find some simple tips to help you stay efficient, healthy and enjoy time with loved ones.

couple enjoying the summer

Summer bucket list: top things to do to make this summer sizzle

Summer is the time of year to get out and amongst it. It’s the perfect time to start checking off the warmer weather activities you shouldn’t miss and top things to do. If you’re wondering what to add to your list of things to do this summer, here is the ultimate summer to do list.

Weekend Getaways


Best Ideas for weekend getaways Adelaide to explore for a little time out

From wine tasting to beaches and river journeys, the Adelaide region in South Australia is brimming with ideas to make your weekend memorable. Here are a few of our top suggestions to think about.