20 Best Free Apps For Mobile Entrepreneurs

What does it take to stay productive on the road? Just 20 free apps that can help you work and travel with ease.
November 05, 2013

More and more business is done on the road every day, and busy entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of mobile technology. Knowing which tech tools can make your road trips smoother is key to your success.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest and greatest apps that can boost your productivity no matter where you are.

1. Skype. The one-stop shop for mobile communication—voice, data, video—this ubiquitous application can help you reach anyone, anywhere.

2. Google Translate. Global marketplace? No problemo. Pas de probleme. No problem. This written-language translator works with more than 70 languages.

3. Evernote. This might just be the best way to remember anything and everything. Record notes, pics, audio and video—Evernote lets you keep, organize and share it all from a single application.

4. I Spy Analytics. Measure, record and monitor your website’s data using this flexible and comprehensive app. Stay on top of the impressions you create.

I Spy Analytics


5. WeatherBug. The single best weather app that works across multiple platforms helps you plan ahead. It includes real-time updates and interactive maps, as well as pics and video from some locations, that let you keep tabs on Mother Nature.

6. XE Currency. This app offers up-to-the-minute exchange rates for every world currency. From yen to rupees to euros, you’ll have the most accurate data.

7. HopStop. Find the answers to your transportation questions in more than 600 cities with Hop Stop. Look up transit maps, schedules and estimated cab fare, as well as real-time info about delays.

hop stop


8. Skyscanner. This travel app operates independently and displays available flights for all airlines as well as pricing, both direct from airlines and via travel agents. Find all existing flight options and then price, book and share flights directly from this versatile app.

9. Around Me. Simplicity itself, this app lets you know what’s nearby. Want to find a bar, restaurant, movie theater or gas station? Everything’s at your fingertips with this easy-to-use app.

10. Relax Melodies. Trouble sleeping? Relax Melodies offers audio options designed to help you get the rest you need. From white noise to rain to the sound of the ocean, you can use this app to screen out background noise and relax. It's perfect for travelers who find themselves in less-than-ideal sleep situations.

11. PayPal Here. Move your money securely and effortlessly with this app that lets you accept credit cards (you'll have to pay a small fee for processing), use your camera to make deposits, and send invoices for transactions.

12. Genius Scan. Not only can you turn your mobile device into a portable scanner, but you can send images (either pdf or jpeg) in color or black and white via both email and Twitter.

13. TED. Think of TED as a way to have the most productive and entertaining downtime ever. You get access to the entire catalog of TED talks, and can share talks and playlists with your friends.

14. Textilus. This is word processing made mobile. Create documents in a range of formats; include charts, images, signatures and drawings; and export via email or sync with your Cloud storage. (There are both free and paid versions of this app.)



15. BillGuard. This app offers personal finance security at its finest. You can monitor spending, track transactions across multiple accounts, and receive notifications of unexpected charges. It's a smart solution for consolidating your financial security.

16. Hipmunk. This all-in-one travel solution (similar to Sky Scanner but on steroids) offers hotel reviews—complete with last minute deals—as well as flight pricing and city guides for travelers. Hipmunk links you directly to the site with the best price for your needs.

17. OpenTable. Get reservations at 20,000 restaurants in North America at your fingertips. You can read reviews, invite your friends and add events to your calendar from this app.

18. Amazon. Want to buy it? It’s probably available from Amazon. This site offers simplified shopping with one interface that encompasses multiple vendors, user reviews and customized suggestions. Order from anywhere in the world, and it’s on the way before you know it.

19. Sit or Squat. Need to go on the go? Sit or Squat lets users review restrooms and find the cleanest, while avoiding the ones that are less than pristine. This app's particularly useful when traveling with children.

 Sit or Squat


20. Jibbigo. This astonishing translator app handles both voice and text translation, and even lets you download offline translators that will work without an Internet connection—even in airplane mode. There's no need to thumb through your pocket dictionary.  

Chances are, if there’s a challenge you face on the road, there’s an app designed to help you handle it. Be sure to check app stores frequently, both for new options and also for updates to your current applications. Bug fixes and enhanced functions make you even more efficient. 

Note: There are versions of almost all these apps for both Androids and iPhones. The links provided may only be to one version—just do a quick search to find the one that's right for your OS.

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Photos: Getty Images, I Spy Analytics, Hop Stop, Textilus, Charmin