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You can use your credit history from select countries to apply for a Personal Card. American Express, in partnership with Nova Credit, makes it fast and easy for U.S. newcomers to apply.*

Do I have credit history outside of the U.S.?


If you’ve done things like pay bills, own a home or buy a car, you likely have credit history. 

Can my credit history outside the U.S. help me get a credit card here?


With your authorization, we can access your credit history abroad from select countries, which could help you apply for one of our Personal Cards.

Why is it helpful to have a U.S. credit card?


Nova credit

The Credit Passport®, powered by Nova Credit, is seamlessly integrated within the American Express online application to help U.S. newcomers apply for a Personal Card.

Meet Nicky.


I think that the unique value of the Amex Nova customers is that if you’re a U.S. newcomer, you don’t need to be a newcomer to the financial system anymore.”

Meet James.


I just needed to get my foot on the first step of the ladder. Really, I’m very grateful to both American Express and Nova Credit for allowing me to start that journey.”

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Credit history is the record of how you repay your credit cards, loans, and other debts. Learn what it takes to establish good credit with this intro to credit history.  



Understanding how "credit score" is defined, how credit scores work, and how they’re calculated can help you establish a positive financial future.  



Your credit score is composed of five main factors, two of which matter more than others. Knowing how these factors are calculated can help you boost your credit. .



Textbook definitions of American finance terms are helpful, but learning local money slang can help you fully understand and embrace financial culture in the U.S.  



The overall cost of living in the U.S. may be high, but where you choose to live can make a big difference. Here’s a snapshot of the cost of housing, goods, and services.



Consider these personal finance tips to help you succeed after graduating college: build a credit history, use credit cards positively, and invest to benefit your future self.



Establishing credit from scratch takes at least six months, but using that time wisely can help you build a strong foundation for your credit future.



Understanding how to use your credit card benefits is a part of maintaining healthy finances and helping you achieve your financial goals.



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