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Send money or split purchases with any other Venmo or PayPal user right from the American Express® App.*

Send & Split
Send & Split

Enhance the way you pay and get paid back


You spend with Amex, and now you can send with Amex.

  • Pay any other Venmo or PayPal user with the flexibility of Amex.
  • There’s no standard credit card fee.
  • Send money from the Amex App or directly from the Venmo or PayPal app.


Tap Account > Send & Split > Send Money


Split any pending or posted Amex purchase with other Venmo or PayPal users.

  • Get paid back directly to your Card as a statement credit.
  • We’ll do the math, send out the requests, and keep track as you’re paid back.
  • You’ll earn all the rewards for the purchase.


Tap on any charge > Split It

Not enrolled? It's easy to get started

Log into the Amex App and tap the Account tab.
Select Send & Split and enroll.
Simply log into your Venmo or PayPal account to link.
  -Opens in new windowEnroll Now
Send & Split
Send & Split

Frequently Asked Questions

*Terms & Conditions


Send & Split® is only available in the American Express® App (“Amex App”) to Card Members with an eligible Card. Eligible Cards are US-issued Basic Consumer Cards that are issued by American Express National Bank and are not cancelled. Prepaid Cards, American Express Corporate Cards, American Express Small Business Cards, American Express-branded cards or account numbers issued by other financial institutions and American Express Cards issued outside of the United States are not eligible Cards. To use Send & Split, you must first have an email address on file, enroll in Send & Split in your American Express Online Account (“Online Account”) and open an Amex Send® stored balance account in the Amex App (“Send Account”). Send & Split allows you to: (i) send a person-to-person payment from your Send Account to Venmo and PayPal users (“Send”) and (ii) split a Card purchase (“Split”) and receive funds to your Card account as a statement credit or to your linked Venmo or PayPal account. You may use Send & Split with an Additional consumer Card that is issued in the US by American Express National Bank and is not cancelled if you also have an eligible Card in the same Online Account and that Online Account is enrolled in Send & Split. You must have or create an account with Venmo or PayPal and link your Online Account to your PayPal or Venmo account to use Send & Split. You must add money to your Send Account from your eligible Card(s) to Send to a Venmo or PayPal recipient. The money you add will be reflected in your Send Account balance. The charge on your Card for an Add Money transaction does not earn rewards and is subject to the Card’s purchase APR. Once the Send from your Send Account is available in the recipient’s Venmo or PayPal account, you do not have the ability to cancel the transaction. There is no fee to Send to US recipients. PayPal charges a fee to Send to non-US recipients. With Split, you can split pending or posted purchases that are made with your eligible Card in your Amex App. Once you select a purchase to Split, select the contacts you want to request to Split with. You can choose to get paid back as a statement credit to your Card account (a Split credit) or to your linked Venmo or PayPal account. Split credits to your Card account apply when we receive confirmation that the Split request was completed but may take 24-36 hours to post to your Card account. You are still responsible to pay the full purchase amount charged to your Card, regardless of whether you are paid back via Split. You earn rewards for purchases that you split in the same way that you earn rewards for other purchases. Other eligibility and restrictions apply. For complete details visit to view Terms & Conditions. Send Account issued by American Express National Bank.