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American Express Fraud Protection

Protection, wherever you are 


Shop confidently whenever you use your American Express® Card, thanks to our advanced fraud protection systems.

From account monitoring to online safety protection and fraud alerts, we make sure you're in safe hands.



Reporting Fraud




If you think you've been a victim of fraud, we're here to help. Call us immediately at 1-800-528-4800 (toll free) or log in to your account and chat with us live.








Global Assist® Hotline1



Whenever you travel more than 100 miles from home, you may be eligible for 24/7 emergency assistance and coordination services, including medical, legal, and passport referrals, emergency cash wires, and missing luggage assistance. Card Members may be responsible for the costs charged by third-party service providers.  





Emergency Card Replacement


Has your Card been lost or stolen abroad?  Call us at 1-336-393-1111 (collect) or live chat with us here. You’ll receive a replacement Card, usually within two business days.2







Shop More Confidently


Learn more about how American Express helps keep you safe and secure, at home and abroad.


SafeKey and Online Safety 


Shop safely with SafeKey. It's smart technology that helps us make sure it's really you when you're shopping online.








Shopping Protection


Shop more confidently with your Eligible Card knowing we have your back. So, whether your bike’s been stolen or you can’t get a refund, your American Express® Card provides a number of programs which protect your purchases.






Fraud Alerts


We’re continuously on the lookout for suspicious account activity. Our intelligent fraud protection systems monitor your account, and if we spot anything unusual, we’ll notify you immediately.






card assistance abroad

Card Assistance Abroad


It makes a world of difference knowing you and your Card are safe and secure abroad with American Express® Card assistance . Wherever you go, we’re with you all the way




mobile wallet security

Mobile Wallet Security 


With multiple layers of protection, your American Express® Card linked to your mobile wallet, is the go-to Card for added fraud protection when you're out and about.







We take cybersecurity seriously and value the contributions of the security community at large. The responsible disclosure of potential issues helps us ensure the security and  privacy of our customers and data.



Protecting yourself from fraud 

Phishing and Scam Awareness


Protect yourself from phishing and scams by learning how to recognize imposters and spot their tricks before it’s too late. 



Leam more

Identity Theft


When it comes to protecting your identity, we have a number of easy tips to help you avoid identity theft. Learn more about how you can keep your details safe and secure. 


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Privacy Center


To learn how American Express protects your privacy, visit our Privacy Center.

1 Other terms and conditions apply. Learn more.

2. Card delivery times may vary dependendent on location, and charges may apply.