Are You Ready for Full Frontal (Disclosure)?

Want to truly engage with your customers? You’ll have to go “full frontal." Most consumers expect businesses to put up (be transparent) or shut up.
Contributing Writer,
January 10, 2013

Transparency in business? Yawn, that’s so 2006. The next stage of building customer trust and engagement is going “full frontal.” Beyond just saying your business has nothing to hide, says, you’ve got to actively prove you have nothing to hide.

Consumers increasingly expect full exposure—er, disclosure. While just 31 percent of consumers in one study say they would buy from a company that talks about its corporate social responsibility goals, 69 percent would buy from a business that actually shows CSR results.

What does it take to go full frontal? It can be as simple as posting calorie counts on your restaurant menus (which no less than McDonald’s has turned into a positive way to sell more food). You talk the talk; now can you walk the walk?

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