The 8 Best Apps For Business Networking

Having trouble making connections? Your smartphone can help. Here are 8 great business networking apps.
May 11, 2011

Having trouble making connections? There’s an app for that. Keeping in touch or planning a meet-up? Your smartphone can help with that too.

Check out the best apps for professional networking:


Meeting people can be the hardest part of networking. If you’re new to business, this iPhone app will be your best friend. Happening finds upcoming professional events in your area—you can choose as many as you like, and the app will store them in your calendar.


This app is a great for travel. It uses your phone’s GPS to determine where you are, then suggests popular activities, events and even places to eat in the area. Finding a potential client or partner could be as easy as attending a yoga class. No matter where your business takes you, Aloqa will help you get the most out of your surroundings. Best of all, it works with both Android phones and iPhones, and even some versions of Blackberry.


Compatible with both Android and iPhones, this app lets you create and share virtual business cards. Once you’ve exchanged information, Hashable reminds you of events and meetings. You can even create groups of contacts, making it even easier to plan meet-ups.

Hurricane Party

If you’re planning a networking event, Hurricane Party will find you a venue, create an invitation and invite contacts, which you can send out via the app, text, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. Then it lets you know when your contacts RSVP. This app is especially helpful when you’re planning an event on the fly.


This one’s pretty obvious. The professional networking site’s app works with all major smartphones and helps you discover and manage contacts with very little effort. With a network of more than 60 million professionals at the price of $0, this app is a must have.


Having trouble keeping up with all the connections you’ve made? Try Phonebook. This app gives a needed boost to your Android phone’s contact list. It organizes contacts as a normal phonebook would, but with contextual information. That way, you can keep track of missed calls, unanswered texts and birthdays.


For years, Blackberry users have been the sole proprietors of group messaging. has swiftly changed that—now anyone can join a group chat. The app, which also includes location and photo sharing, is available on all smartphone platforms. But even contacts with older phones can take part. When you create a group, the app assigns it a phone number. To be part of the conversation, all you need is texting.


Trying to meet up with a colleague who doesn’t live in your area can be a serious challenge. This iPhone app aims to correct that. Just select Point A (your location) and Point B (your contact’s location), and the app will give you a list of places to meet in the middle. Then, once you’ve chosen a destination, it’ll e-mail both of you directions.