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Travel Back-Up

Your American Express Card could be the most useful thing to take on any journey. Even if it's stolen, help is just a phone call away. We're there for you in 2,200 Travel and Foreign Exchange offices* in over 140 countries across the globe.
*Not all services are available in all locations and are subject to local laws and cash availability.

Emergency Card Replacement
If you lose your Card and need a replacement urgently, we aim to replace it as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours. Our staff have been known to move mountains to organise replacement Cards.

Cash when you need it
For the convenience of being able to withdraw funds from your bank account in local currency at over 520,000 ATMs worldwide, Charge Cardmembers can enrol in Express Cash. Fees, charges and limits apply. For more information click here or contact  Customer Services.

Secure Sentinel
For a small annual fee, Secure Sentinel takes the hassle out of losing your Cards and personal effects. If you lose your wallet, simply call Secure Sentinel from anywhere in the world and they will arrange to have all your Cards - not just your American Express Cards - cancelled and replaced. Secure Sentinel can also electronically store details of your passport, driving licence and any other important documents securely in case you need to access the information in an emergency.

Travel Cover
Some American Express Cards include travel cover such as Travel Inconvenience insurance. To find out if your Card includes these benefits, click here. Or, for any additional travel insurance needs, click here.