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How can you stay up-to-date on your account?

Receive email and text message alerts

Account Alerts is a service that keeps you in touch with what's happening with your American Express account.

Simply register now and we'll send you – via text or email – the information you require.

For example‚ you can choose to receive regular updates on your weekly account balance‚ reminders of upcoming payments, confirmation of payments received or a message to advise you that you may be nearing your credit limit.

Account Alerts is free‚ convenient and puts you in better control of your finances – wherever you are1.

Already registered? Please log in to manage your account.

Key benefits of email and text message alerts

Faster access With information sent directly to your mobile phone or email inbox, Account Alerts allow fast, secure access to your account updates. Plus, you're in control of when and why you receive alerts. You can choose to receive an alert at a specific dollar amount near your credit limit or a certain number of days before your payment is due for your Personal or Small Business Card. You can even choose the time of day you prefer to receive alerts – they can be customized for your schedule and lifestyle.
Financial control Help to ensure you never go over your credit limit or receive late payment charges by setting up an Approaching Credit Limit Alert for your Personal or Small Business Card. You can choose at what point in your spend we should notify you.
Timely Want to know if you can keep shopping? Sign up for our Payment Received Alert and we will let you know as soon as we have posted your payment. You can choose what day of the week to receive your latest balance update on all of your Cards as well as what time of day to receive your Alerts.
Greater flexibility Going on holiday? Account Alerts let you place your Alerts on hold or even change the time zone in which you wish to receive your Alerts.
Personal assistant Too busy to remember when your bill is due? We can remind you with our Payment Due Alert for your Personal or Small Business Card or our Payment Reminder Alert for your Corporate Card.
Commitment-free You can un-enroll at any time and choose whether to receive your Alerts via text message or email.

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1 Account Alerts is a free service for American Express Cardmembers. However, your cell phone service provider may apply fees for incoming text messages. Please contact them for further details.