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Manage your Corporate
Card program

Efficiently manage your program
with these tools and tips.

Here you’ll find helpful information on American Express @ Work®, our powerful online servicing tool for
Program Administrators, as well as detailed information on how to perform key actions within it.

Managing your Card program via @ Work

@ Work allows you to manage your company’s program more efficiently online, saving you time and money.

Apply for new Cards.

Keep your company’s details
up to date.

Arrange payments.

 Manage Card Member limits

Manage Card Member

Monitor Card Members’

Replace, cancel or
suspend Cards.

Request a free training session

Simply contact your Account Manager or call 1300 655 300 (Corporate Cards) or 1300 555 257 (Qantas Corporate Cards). You must be enrolled in @ Work to be eligible.

Performing key actions in
@ Work

Below you’ll find detailed information on how to complete a range of important actions in @ Work.

Set up Account alerts

@ Work enables you to set up a range of customised Account alerts, including alerts for
individual Card spend.

  Card Member getting notified of account alerts

To set up a customised alert:


Log in to your @ Work account.


Select ‘Manage Program Alert Settings’ in the top right-hand corner of the page.


Select your alert type, customise it, and then indicate your preferred method of delivery and notification frequency.


Click ‘Submit’ to save your settings.

Need help with an @ Work query?

The @ Work Live Chat team are available to help whenever you need it.

Understanding your chosen liability option

When you applied for the Corporate Card program, you will have selected one of two liability options,
depending on the level of risk exposure your company was comfortable with. It’s important to be
familiar with your chosen option should you encounter any disputes around payment

Travel management icon

Combined Liability

Your company and Card Members are jointly and severally liable for charges incurred on a Card. This does not apply when charges are the result of unauthorised use by a third party or are personal in nature i.e. do not accrue a benefit to your organisation.

Full Corporate Liability

Your company is liable for all charges incurred on a Card, except when charges are the result of unauthorised use by a third party.


Here you’ll find the contact details for the different service teams available to help you.
For general enquiries, we recommend contacting the Program Administrator Servicing Team.

Corporate Cards

Qantas Corporate Cards

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Find the answer you’re looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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