Expense Management & Online Payment Solutions

Whether you need simple expense management tools to help oversee and manage employee spending or require a more sophisticated and efficient payments solution that integrates with your existing EMS, American Express has options for small businesses right through to larger and global corporations.

The benefits of streamlined expense management

Consolidating and streamlining your expense management processes and online payments with American Express can bring several benefits to your business. Take advantage of integrated expense management systems and global payment solutions that can help you:

Unlock operational efficiencies

Save administrative costs and headaches with digital solutions that are easy to implement and use.

Manage employee expenses

Oversee spending with apps to manage expense receipts for employees and smart controls for you.

Streamline online payments

Easily make secure online
payments with global
digital payment solutions.

Strengthen relationships

Simplify reconciliation of payments to suppliers and manage details efficiently to support your partnerships across the whole supply chain.

What are your payment & expense management needs?

Discover American Express products and services that can help your business with expense management and global payments, no matter your industry or size.

I need easy ways for employees to track and submit expenses.

With American Express Corporate Card programs, customers who use Concur can also manage their expenses with SAP Concur Expense.1 The solution offers paperless, accurate expense reports, making it easy to manage employee spending. Easy smartphone expense management, improved compliance, and program optimisation reporting are all exclusive features available for SAP Concur and American Express Corporate Clients.


American Express® Corporate Cards


  • Revenue over $10M
  • Access Membership Rewards® program2
  • Corporate expense management

With the American Express Corporate Card program, your employees can manage their expenses while you have visibility into the company’s overall spending.

American Express® Qantas Corporate Cards


  • Revenue over $10M
  • Frequent business travel
  • A program with three Card choices

The powerful backing of American Express meets Australia’s flagship airline partner in a single streamlined solution.

I need ways to oversee employee spending and ensure compliance.

With the American Express @ Work®3 portal, Corporate Card expense management can be as simple or comprehensive as you want. From industry-wide trends to individual spending habits, access insights to help you make decisions and gain the control to execute them with confidence.


American Express® Qantas Corporate Platinum Card


  • Revenue over $10M
  • Qantas loyalists
  • Frequent business travel

Gain full visibility into how your employees use their Cards via reports available with the American Express @ Work tool.3

American Express® Corporate Cards


  • Revenue over $10M
  • No pre-set spending limit4
  • A program with three Card choices

Manage employee Cards with @ Work3 and empower employees to use the SAP Concur App to capture receipts, book flights, or reconcile invoices.1

American Express® Corporate Meeting Card


  • Managing meeting and event budgets
  • Tracking expenses by individual or department
  • Large and global organisations

Track meeting and event expenses separately to help identify savings opportunities and maximise spending. You can also track and manage supplier expenses through one consolidated statement to help simplify reconciliation.

I need simple payment solutions that are efficient and secure.

Whether you’re buying coffee for your team from the local café or managing a new software integration across the globe, rely on American Express for efficient online payment platforms and secure virtual payment processing.


American Express vPayment™


  • Simplifying reconciliation
  • Helping reduce fraud
  • Secure Virtual Account Number technology

For companies looking for a virtual Credit Card solution, American Express vPayment uses Virtual Account Numbers to make secure supplier payments that can help reduce exposure to risk.

American Express® Corporate Purchasing Card


  • Expense management consolidation
  • Consolidating business purchases
  • Physical and virtual Card options

Customise where and how employees can use their Cards to purchase supplies, plus assign spending limits. Detailed transaction data and analysis can help streamline your payment reconciliation process, all while extending payment terms.5

American Express® Buyer Initiated Payments


  • Revenue over $150M
  • Streamlining payment processes
  • Working capital flexibility

Extend your DPO by up to 58 days6 while still paying suppliers within their preferred timeframes so you can have more cash on hand to help manage your business cash flow.

Want even more expense management and payment solutions from American Express?

The American Express advantage


American Express has been helping our customers realise big dreams for over 100 years globally.


American Express has a global, multi-layer model with relationships across consumer, business, and merchants.


Our award-winning world-class customer service is globally recognised.


You may have the potential to earn Membership Rewards on your everyday business spend.

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