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Monthly Statement with GST Reporting

Your monthly statement allows you to pay all expenses charged to your Card at one time.

You get a detailed, itemised list of business expenses.  Where available, the GST payable amount for transactions is provided and meets the ATO’s requirements for GST reporting.* This will assist you when completing your BAS and managing your business expenses at tax time as American Express Business Card statements can act as proof of purchase for taxation purposes, and may substitute for a tax invoice when claiming input tax credit.

The Paperless Option

Choose Online Statements and receive your American Express Business Card Statement online, instead of a paper statement through the post. We’ll send you an email alert each month, letting you know the moment your statement is ready to view on the American Express® secure website.

Online Statements are a completely private and secure way to view statements wherever you are in the world. They are also legal documents and can be used for accounting and taxation purposes.

Statement Download (including GST)

To further reduce administration and paperwork and help you complete your Business Activity Statement (BAS) with much more ease, you can download your Card account details and available GST breakdown directly into a range of software packages including Quicken™, or Excel software.To access this service register for Online Services.

Online Account Management

American Express Online Services makes it easy to manage your account online whenever you like. You can view up to date account balances and access up to six months of previous transactions in PDF format to help you keep track of business expenditure and manage your cash flow. You can also set up email or SMS reminders to remind you when your payment is due and the balance of your account.

*The GST breakdown on statements generally meets the information requirements of the relevant legislative instruments outlined in your Card Member agreement. In circumstances where transactions are categorised as mixed supplies or no GST breakdown has been provided, you are advised to obtain a Tax Invoice or Adjustment Note to support your GST input tax claims. It is advised to consult your accountant or tax advisor to assess the accuracy of your GST input tax claims.

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