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Additional Cards For Your Business

The easy way to consolidate your expenses

Multiple Business Cards for multiple businesses or business partners

More than one partner:

If you part own a business, you and your partner/s can apply for one or more primary Card(s). As a primary Cardmember, you can earn Membership Rewards points. Each partner is entitled to their own Card as long as their name is registered with the business' ABN details.

More than one business:

If you own more than one business, having multiple American Express Business Cards means you can track expenses and manage cash flow for each business separately.

Supplementary Cards for employees

By issuing your employees with a Supplementary Card, you can consolidate more of your company's expenses into one single payment method to help you gain better visibility of your employees’ expenses.

Supplementary Cards can also save you a lot of time. If all your employees' expenses appear in one account, you don't need to chase receipts. Business administration is simplified and paperwork is significantly reduced.

Employees receive all the security and benefits to which you are entitled, but as the primary Cardmember, you receive the Membership Rewards points.

An annual Supplementary Card fee may apply.

Request Supplementary Cards for your employees  
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