What is a
Charge Card?

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A quick guide to Charge Cards

What is a Charge Card?

With a Charge Card, you’ll need to pay off the full balance each month. Charge Cards have no pre-set spending limit1, although that does not mean unlimited spending. Your purchases are approved based on a range of factors. As we get to know you, we’ll be able to adjust how much you can spend on your Card.

How do Charge Cards differ to Credit Cards?  

A Charge Card has no pre-set spending limit1. Just bear in mind that the balance on your Card will need to be paid in full every month. A Credit Card has a set spending limit. With a Credit Card, at the end of each month, you can choose to pay off your balance in full, or make payments over time. There is a minimum amount that needs to be paid and not paying your whole balance in full will incur interest charges.

What are the benefits of a Charge Card?

  • No interest

    A Charge Card does not incur interest, however you will need to pay your balance off in full every month, as a fee is incurred if the amount is not paid off in full2.

  • Improved cash flow

    No pre-set spending limit1 gives you greater purchasing power. All you need to do is pay the balance off in full every month.

  • Earn points on purchases

    With no pre-set spending limit1, you can increase the points you earn along the way – meaning rewards are yours even sooner.

The American Express® Platinum Card

  • $450 to spend on travel each year, which can be redeemed for eligible flights, hotels or car hire when booked through American Express Travel3


  • Access to 1,400+ airport lounges in over 650 cities across 140 countries and counting4




Anything else you’d like to know about Credit Cards?

Get the lowdown on Card limits, interest rates, fees and the benefits of travelling outside of Australia with your American Express Card.

Still not sure which Card is best for you?

Learn more about the differences between a Credit Card vs Debit Card, and how they differ from Charge Cards.
With all the information at hand, you can decide which Card is best for you.

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