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Add an American Express®
Employee Card to your Account.

Got questions? We've got answers.

Can I apply for any
Employee Card from
American Express?

No – you can only apply for the same Employee Card as your Basic Card. For example, if you hold a Platinum Business Card, you can only apply for a Platinum Business Employee Card.

Who's responsible
for the payment of an
Employee Card?

Charges made are the responsibility of the Basic Business Card Member and the Employee Card Member. However, charges will be billed to the Basic Card Member's Account.

How can I check the
balance of an
Employee Card?

As the Basic Card Member, you can do this anytime via your Online Account, your monthly statement or by calling the number on the back of your Card.

How do I earn points
with an Employee Card?

As the Basic Card Member, you will have all points earned from an Employee Card directly credited to your Account (provided you are enrolled in Membership Rewards).

How will an Employee Card Member receive their Card?

Once an application is approved, the Employee Card will be delivered via post to the Basic Card Member within 5-7 business days. It will then need to be activated by the Employee Card Member using the instructions on the back of it.

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