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How To Support Local Business

If you’ve ever shopped for groceries at a farmer’s market, joined an independent gym, or met friends for drinks at your neighbourhood pub, you helped support local businesses. Every time you spend your dollars locally, a significant portion of it is returned and reinvested back in the community. Beyond the financial ripple effect, there are plenty of other reasons to feel good about supporting local business—from encouraging entrepreneurship to protecting the environment.

June 25, 2021 in Benefits

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Benefits of supporting your local businesses

Shopping local comes with a long list of environmental, economic and social benefits: less pollution, more jobs for residents, and increased
diversity of products and services. Read on for more advantages of supporting local businesses.

Reduce waste from shipping      

Supporting businesses with a smaller carbon footprint means you can help reduce the waste that comes with shipping
over large distances. 

Support prosperity in your neighborhood      

Shopping more often at the one-of-a-kind businesses you love helps keep them sustainable. In turn, the communities that preserve their distinct character get an economic advantage in terms of being able to attract more visitors to popular and unique local businesses.

Drive innovation

To stay relevant next to their larger competitors, small businesses look for new and creative ways of doing things as well as product offerings not
found anywhere else. Because they don’t have to appeal to the masses, they can offer unique niche services and products. This helps drive further innovation and fosters healthy competition among businesses as they grow with your support.   

Community well-being

Locally owned businesses form the fabric of a community. Supporting them helps contribute to vibrancy in the neighbourhood, link residents together through economic and social relationships, and further local causes that foster community well-being.

Know the people behind the product       

When you personally know the people behind the counter, the product or service, you enjoy a deeper connection to your neighbours as well as the community. Your investment in that local business becomes meaningful on a personal level.

Expect great customer service

Because you’re not just another anonymous customer, local business owners will recognize and appreciate your repeat business. Because reputation and referrals are important for the growth of their business, their incentive to provide personalized customer service is even greater.

Expand diversity

Supporting new and growing local businesses can establish demand for new services while meeting the unique needs of the community. This helps diversify what your community can offer to both neighbours and visitors.

How can you support local business?

You can support local business by choosing to make your purchases with them. Look for businesses listed in the Shop Small section of our Online Directory or visit American Express® Maps.

Like, comment & share

Did you have a good experience at a local business? Help them out by sharing the love! Like, comment and tag a friend on their social media posts,
share them widely and post positive reviews. This helps them grow by reaching new customers who may not have known about their business before.

Volunteer your services

Think about the skills you might have to offer to businesses on a volunteer basis. Whether updating their website, building a marketing plan or
just reaching out to your favourite business owner to ask if they’re ok, even the smallest of gestures can make a big difference.

Shop Small

Our Shop Small program encourages Cardmembers to connect with small and local businesses in their local neighborhood. Support these businesses by checking the Shop Small page to see which offers are available today.

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