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8 Ways to Get Organized for Online Bill Payment

The bill payment process can feel overwhelming. You may find yourself asking how do I pay my bill or what bills do I have to pay?


Keeping organized can be challenging, especially when moving to a new home and changing your address. It may lead to mail delays and even missed bills. One of the best things you can do for your financial future is to set up online bill payment. Doing so can help you keep up with your financial obligations, avoid late fees, and lower your stress.

October 15, 2020 in Learn

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1. Create a checklist to categorize your bills

A monthly checklist of your recurring bills can be a good method to ensure that you are keeping up with all your obligations. To break it down even further, you may want to consider organizing your bill payments into different categories such as utilities or credit card bills. Categorizing expenses can also help you make key decisions about your spending habits while finding credit card offers that provide reward points for spending within certain categories.


You can organize your checklist in an excel spreadsheet, using a bullet journal, or simply by writing down the list in a notebook.

2. Dedicate a bill-paying space and a schedule for the bill payment process

If you’re still receiving paper bills, dedicate a space in your home for storing and staying on top of them.


Using a folder system to outline incoming and paid bills can be a great way to make sure that you aren’t confusing what bills you’ve already paid. In addition, you’ll probably need a calendar to manage when your bills are due so that you don’t miss a payment.


Dedicate specific time slots every week and month to understand what bill payments are coming up and when you need to pay them.


If you have an American Express Card, you may choose to use online bill payment or the Amex App. You can also automate bill payments so you don’t have to remember to pay bills.

3. Keep track of your online bill payments regularly

If most of your bills are accessed online, you may want to develop a method to track your online bill payments. Leveraging an online calendar is a great way to stay organized in this case. In addition, it’s important to go back and double check that you’re not getting double charged for any bills in error. To do so, cross-reference your list of bill payments to what has actually gone through your bank account.

4. Set up reminders for online bill payment

We all have a lot going on in our lives, and it can be challenging to remember everything we need to do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Setting up online reminders, notifications, or alerts that your bills are coming due is a great way to stay on top of the bill payment process. If the vendor doesn’t provide online reminders, you can always set up recurring notifications on your own calendar.

5. Set up recurring online bill payment with banks or service providers

For bills that occur regularly, such as your mortgage or a streaming service, consider setting up an automatic recurring payment to help streamline your finances. If you set up these recurring payments on your American Express Card, you may be able to earn rewards while paying for your regular expenses!

6. Use two bank accounts for the bill payment process

Having at least two bank accounts can help you separate your money. One account can be dedicated to savings and the other account for paying your bills. By paying your bills with only the account meant for bill payments, you can protect your savings and organize your budget.

7. Coordinate with your partner

If you share expenses with a partner, it will be important to keep track of your combined spending and bills. Sitting down to go through any shared expenses and bills by having weekly or monthly money meetings is a great way to ensure that neither of you miss a bill payment. Being able to talk openly with each other about your financial situation can help improve the bill payment process.

8. Review your monthly budget

Lastly, it’s always important to review what you are spending your money on. A regular review of your finances and your bills can help you catch anything that seems out of the ordinary. You want to look for fluctuations in bill payments and unusual charges to make sure that you are protecting your bank account and your financial future.


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