Click to Pay with

American Express

Click to Pay is a quick and secure way to make online purchases with your American Express® Card in just a few taps wherever you see this icon: 

SRC Icon

The quick and secure way to pay



Make purchases quickly without having to fill in your details or remember passwords every time you check out online. 



Click to Pay payments are verified by the same fraud prevention systems that cover all American Express payments. You can still expect the same protection from American Express with our Fraud Protection Guarantee.1



When you use your American Express Card in Click to Pay you will earn and enjoy the same rewards and benefits associated with your Card.2

How to set up Click to Pay

You must have an active email on file with American Express and pay with an eligible American Express Card when using Click to Pay. If you don’t have an email on file, you can add your email by accessing your online account at To start using Click to Pay, look for icon  next time you shop online and add your American Express Card.

Select ‘New User’ and enter your Card details. 

Follow the security prompts to confirm your identity.

Follow the security prompts to confirm your identity. 

Add your details and optionally select ‘Remember me on this device’* for faster future checkout with any Click to Pay transaction – and you’re set up to use Click to Pay.

Add your details – and you’re set up to use Click to Pay.


*Optionally select ‘Remember me on this device’ for faster future checkout with any Click to Pay transaction. This option is not recommended for shared devices as it will allow anyone with access to your device to make purchases using your Card

Using Click to Pay as a returning user 


Look for the Click to Pay icon icon when you shop online.


Selecting 'Returning User', follow any security prompts and then select your American Express Card.


Check that your billing address* and contact details – including your name, email and phone number – have been prepopulated correctly and confirm the payment.

*Your billing address is preset as the shipping address for your purchase. If your billing address is not the same as the shipping address where you want your purchase shipped, you can update the shipping address on the merchant site for that transaction.

Where to use Click to Pay

You can use Click to Pay at online stores that accept American Express and have Click to Pay payments enabled. Simply select the Click to Pay icon icon , enroll your eligible American Express Card in Click to Pay if you are a first time user, select your eligible American Express Card when checking out and you’re good to go.