American Express® Flexible Payment Option

Pay your balance in full or over time — the choice is yours. 

Whether you’re making everyday purchases, navigating unexpected expenses, or planning for the future, you now have the flexibility to make it happen with the Flexible Payment Option.

Enjoy No Pre-set Spending Limit and all the benefits and features of your Card. Flexible Payment Option simply provides you with the flexibility to pay a portion of your balance over time, if and when you choose to use it.

The same great Card with a new way to pay.

How it works

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Use your Card

Since the Flexible Payment Option feature is included with your Card already, there is no need to enroll or activate before use. Simply make purchases as usual.

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Choose your amount

Pay the full balance on your statement, or a portion of the balance with Flexible Payment Option. You'll only pay interest on the balance you carry.

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Earn points

Your ability to earn points doesn’t change. You will earn points for your eligible purchases as long as you pay at least the Minimum Amount Due by your new Payment Due Date.

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Your Card has No Pre-set Spending Limit, a unique feature that gives you flexible spending capacity.1 This means the amount you can spend adapts based on factors such as your purchase, payment and credit history.


If you’re ever unsure if a large purchase will be approved, just use the Check Spending Power tool in your Online Account or American Express® App. Your Flexible Payment Option Limit does not impact your spending capacity.

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Flexible Payment

Option Limit

While your Card has No Pre-set Spending Limit, there is a limit to the total amount that you can pay over time: this is called your Flexible Payment Option Limit. When you reach your Flexible Payment Option Limit, any amount over your limit will be due in full by your new Payment Due Date.


To view your Flexible Payment Option Limit, log into your Online Account and click “Balance Details.” 

Renovation, office inspiration, or higher education — pay it off over time.

A man in a checkered flannel shirt building a deck and using his drill gun

Upgrade your home.


From replacing your furnace to finally building that outdoor deck for entertaining, give your house the love it deserves.


Enhance your space.

Turn your workspace into an inspired space.


From treadmill desks to ergonomic chairs and flat-screen monitors, your home office is waiting.


Stop waiting, start creating.

A smiling woman with headphones on, sitting in front of her large, flat-screen computer on a work call with her team
A woman in a bright yellow shirt smiling, sitting on her couch in front of her laptop and taking notes in a notebook

Go further in life.


From getting an online MBA to finally hitting the ski slopes in Whistler, when you can pay your balance over time, reaching your goals is closer than you think.


So get ready for a more exciting future, now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions


  1. This charge Card has both Due in Full and Flexible Payment Option balances. All Due in Full balances must be paid each month. Interest rate of 30% applies to each delinquent Due in Full charge. This rate is effective from the day account is opened. The Preferred rate of 21.99% applies to your Flexible Payment Option balance. If you have 2 separate Missed Payments in a 12 month period, the Flexible Payment Option rate for your account will be 25.99%. If you have 3 or more separate Missed Payments in a 12 month period, the Flexible Payment Option rate will be 28.99%. These rates are effective from the day the Flexible Payment Option is first available on your account. If you are an existing Cardmember, please refer to your statement for more details on Annual Interest rates for Flexible payment option & Due in full balances.