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AMEX® Account Protector Ultimate.

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Sometimes, life throws a challenge—or two—your way. When the balance on your credit card has protection, you can rest easier

knowing you can be in control when things don’t go exactly as planned. Positive life events? Account Protector Ultimate can help

there, too.



  • Can help make the payments on your Credit Card up to $20,000 in times of need, such as job loss, illness, injury or death.
  • You can also qualify for two Monthly Payment benefits during events like getting married, having a baby, retiring, or purchasing a new home.

*Amex® Account Protector Ultimate is not available to residents of the Province of Quebec.

Coverage Details

Your credit card balance can be paid up to $20,000 in one of these cases:

Monthly payment benefits can be paid towards your balance in one of these cases:

Excluded from this coverage:

  • Critical Illness resulting from a Pre-existing Condition
  • Unemployment from seasonal, temporary, contract or part-time employment (less than 25 hours per week)
  • Loss of self-employment income due to closure of business within 12 months of the effective date, willful or criminal misconduct; or voluntary forfeiture of wages or income
  • Disability requiring hospitalization in facilities for treatment of mental illness, aging, drug addiction, or alcoholism and in facilities outside of Canada or the United States

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