Please note: There is important updated information regarding COVID-19 and insurance coverage you may have available to you. Coverage is available for COVID-19 medical emergencies, provided a travel advisory to avoid non-essential travel or avoid all travel due to COVID-19 is not in effect for your destination or cruise. No trip cancellation or interruption benefits are available for a trip cancelled, interrupted, or delayed due to COVID-19.
For additional information: Regarding COVID-19 and your coverage - COVID-19 TRAVEL FAQ page.
Regarding travel advisories - Government of Canada’s Travel Advice and Advisories page.
If you would like to make a claim, please visit the RSA claims portal.



The following insurance coverage is included on your American Express Cobalt® Card. Whether you’re going on a roadtrip or shopping around the corner, we’ve got your back.

Included on your Card

Find the details of your insurance included with this Card in the Certificate of Insurance.

Additional Insurance Coverages

Purchase additional insurance coverage that is appropriate for your coverage needs.

Top-Up Options

Out of Province/Country Emergency Medical Insurance Top-Up Plan*1†

Extends your Card coverage to cover trips longer than 15 days.

Apply by calling 1-844-200-8959.

Download the Certificate of Insurance to learn more.

Supplemental Lost or Stolen Baggage Insurance Plan*1†

Extends your Card coverage up to a maximum of $7,500 per occurrence.

Apply by calling 1-844-200-8959.

Download the Certificate of Insurance to learn more.

Other Coverage Options

insurance insurance
*AMEX® Account Protector Ultimate helps protect the balance on your credit card, up to $20,000, when you need it the most.

cruise-ship cruise-ship
Amex® Travel Insurance* Plans
Round out your coverage by adding one of our AMEX® Travel Insurance* plans.

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