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Baggage and Personal

Effects Insurance1

Why do I need it?


Sometimes you check your luggage with an airline or hotel only to find it damaged, lost or stolen, putting a damper on your trip. In an unfortunate situation like this, AMEX® Travel Insurance can provide you with reimbursement for the damage or replacement of your items.


What’s included?


Your baggage and personal items can be covered in the event of loss, theft or damage during your trip.

Lost or stolen

personal items

Reimbursement of losses up to $1,000 per trip ($3,000 per family), up to a maximum of $300 for any one item or set of items.

Lost or stolen


Reimbursement of up to a combined maximum of $250 towards the replacement costs for important documents, like your passport, travel visa and more.

Delayed baggage


Reimbursement of up to $500 for necessary toiletries and clothing if your checked bag is delayed for more than 6 hours.




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