Credit Card Security and Fraud Protection


Shop with confidence knowing you’re protected against Credit Card fraud

Fraud Protection Guarantee


Relax knowing that with American Express, your Account is protected by our Fraud Protection Guarantee. That means, you’ll never have to pay for unauthorised spending on your Account1. Whether your Card is lost, stolen or your details fall into the wrong hands, our dedicated Security Team will do everything they can to take care of you.

Think you’ve been a victim of Credit Card Fraud?


If your Card has been lost or you can't identify a transaction on your Account, call us immediately on 1300 132 639 from Australia or +612 9271 8664 from overseas.


With our 24-hour emergency helpline, we'll work to get a replacement Card to you as soon as possible (often within two working days).

What is Credit Card Fraud?


Credit Card Fraud is the use of your Credit Card details by an unauthorised person. There are different ways in which this can happen, for example a fraudster may make a copy of your Credit Card details and use them for an unauthorised Credit Card transaction over the phone or online. Fraudsters can also trick people in to providing their Credit Card details by pretending there is an official reason for Card details to be shared. Read on to find out what features are included in American Express® Cards to protect you and how we detect Card fraud and scams.

Fraud Prevention


Our intelligent security systems continually monitor your spending patterns for odd behaviour, helping to stop Credit Card fraud in its tracks. Your Account is regularly scanned and if we detect something unusual, we’ll contact you right away to check it’s a purchase you made.

There are a number of simple steps you can take to help protect yourself from fraud


If you spot a transaction you don't recognise on your statement, or think there's been unusual activity on your Account, you may have been a victim of fraud.


Read our tips below to find out how you can help to keep your Account and personal information safe.

Check your Account regularly


  • Download the American Express Mobile App to see your latest transactions on your Account at a glance
  • Switch to paper-free statements and view your statements regularly and thoroughly. You can opt into paperless statements by logging into your Online Services Account and also Register for Card alerts, which monitor your Account with weekly updates via email or texts.
  • Keep copies of your receipts and compare them to your statement.
  • Call us as soon as possible on 1300 364 931 from Australia or +61292714110 from overseas, if an unrecognised charge or charges appear in your transaction history or Account statement.

Help protect yourself from identity theft


  1. Enrol in paperless statements. By avoiding paper statements going through the post or not being disposed of properly, you can help guard against identity theft. You can opt into paperless statements via Online Services
  2. Ensure that the virus and security software on your computers and mobile devices is up-to-date and current
  3. Don't use public computers (for instance, internet cafés), or unsecured wireless 'hotspots', to complete internet banking or payments
  4. Safeguard all your personal information and documents - this information could be used to steal your identity
  5. Shred any sensitive information from financial organisations or utility companies when no longer needed
  6. Review your credit reference report regularly; this may be the earliest way to spot fraudulent activity when you are the victim identity theft. Please note there may be a charge for this. This is also a measure that you can take to improve your credit score.


Credit reference providers include:

Be alert for bogus emails and phone calls


American Express will never ask for sensitive Account details by email or phone. However, if we call you, we will ask a few security questions relating to your Account, so we can be sure who you are.


A scammer may contact you and ask you to provide personal or Account details. For example, a scammer may notify you of suspicous activity on your Account such as an overseas purchase of a substantial amount. They may ask if you recognise the transaction and if not, the scammer may proceed to ask you to confirm Credit Card details so that they can investigate. Beware of these situations as the scammer may already know your Credit Card number, asking you to confirm your identity by reading out the 4 digit security code printed on your Card.


If you are at all in doubt about whether the email or call is genuine, contact us using the phone number on the back of your Card or on your statement.

Keep your Card safe


  1. Never let anyone else use your Card
  2. Immediately sign the back of new Cards
  3. Always destroy old, expired Cards by cutting them up
  4. Let us know immediately if you've lost your Card, or think it may be stolen. We will then be able to cancel the Card and prevent any further transactions. If you have lost your Card or think you’ve been a victim of fraud, call American Express on 1300 132 639 from Australia or +612 9271 8664 from overseas.

Protect your PIN


  1. Never keep your PIN in your wallet, purse or diary, or record it in a way that others could understand
  2. Do not tell anyone else your PIN
  3. Always try to cover your hand when entering your PIN to prevent hidden cameras or others seeing this

Fraud alerts


American Express helps to keep you one step ahead with a system of early warnings and Account activity notifications.

Account Alerts


There are a range of useful alerts you can choose from to stay on top of your Account, and you can let us know if you want to receive them on your mobile phone or by email. You can also place your Account alerts on hold when you’re travelling or change the time zone they arrive in.


You can set up the following types of alerts:


Balance updates


Keep up-to-date with your Account with weekly balance updates. You select the time and day of the week to receive your update.


Approaching your Card limit (applies to Credit Cards only)


Stay informed as you approach your personal credit limit (does not apply to Charge Cards). You decide at what point in your balance you would like to receive your alert.


You will need to register for Online Services to manage your Account online before setting up your alerts.


Statement Due


Never miss a payment by activating alerts to be reminded about your next Account statement due date.

Fraud Servicing Alerts


We are able to notify you by text message or email as soon as our systems detect a fraudulent transaction. When our advanced Fraud Controls spot suspicious activity on your Account, they automatically trigger a text message or email security alert to ask if you are aware of the transaction.


You simply reply by text to confirm the transaction was yours. Or if it wasn’t, call us back and we’ll look into it straightaway.


It’s important that you keep your contact details updated by logging in to your Online Services Account.