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Pay Your Way. Large purchases. 0% interest.

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Pay Your Way

Large purchases.
0% p.a. interest.

It's credit with a twist.

Pay Your Way makes it easy to manage your repayments on larger purchases. It not only offers you 0% p.a. interest, but also the flexibility of choosing how you repay – with a range of monthly instalment plans. All for a low establishment fee.

How  Pay Your Way  works

Icon switch 1. Select a purchase threshold of $300, $500 or $1,000. Once enrolled, eligible purchases greater than or equal to your purchase threshold will automatically be placed into an instalment plan.
Icon page 2. Choose a duration. Decide if you want to pay in 3, 6 or 12 monthly instalments.
Icon percent 3. For the next 6 months, eligible purchases over your purchase threshold will be converted to interest-free instalment plans. All other purchases on your Card outside of Pay Your Way will maintain the same interest-free days.

Pay Your Way  examples

Based on our 3, 6 or 12 month instalment options, the establishment fees vary according to the payment duration you choose.

Select a payment threshold below to view illustrative examples of the instalment breakdown.


Pay Your Way Calculator

Show me an instalment plan
summary for a purchase of

Please enter a valid amount.
(must be at least $300)

Choose a repayment duration
(3, 6, or 12 months)


Establishment fee for 3 months
(2% of purchase amount)


Total repayment


Monthly Instalment


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Pay Your Way promotion last for?

How long does the Pay Your Way promotion last for?

A: Pay Your Way will be enabled for 6 months from the day you enrol. Any instalment plans created during the promotional period will remain on your account until paid down as per your instalment selection.

What happens if I made a purchase I don't want on an instalment plan?

What happens if I made a purchase I don't want on an instalment plan?

A: No problem! You can cancel any Pay Your Way plans at any time via your Online Services account, or through the Amex Mobile App. If a plan is cancelled before the end of your statement period, then the establishment fee will be refunded.

How many instalment plans can I create on my account?

How many instalment plans can I create on my account?

A: You can have multiple Pay Your Way plans active on your account at the same time. Keep in mind, you can use up to 85% of your credit limit to create instalment plans.

Questions about
Pay Your Way ?

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Terms & Conditions

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  1. Pay Your Way will be activated on the start date communicated to you in the email confirming your enrolment. The minimum purchase amount and other enrolment terms cannot be changed from this time.
  2. The establishment fee will be charged in full on the same statement detailing the eligible purchase transaction.
  3. While enrolled, eligible purchases are those purchases equal to or greater than the minimum purchase amount you selected which are posted to your Account during the Promotion Period. Any purchase that would cause your balance to exceed your credit limit or bring your Pay Your Way balance to 85% or more of your credit limit is not an eligible purchase. Cash advances, balance transfers, interest, fees, charges and commissions do not qualify for Pay Your Way.
  4. References to Standard Plan mean all balances that do not qualify for Pay Your Way, overdue Pay Your Way instalments and the remaining balance of any cancelled plan. Standard Plan balances are subject to the interest and payment requirements of the Credit Card Conditions without change.
  5. The monthly instalment amount is determined by the total eligible purchase amount and establishment fee, divided by the number of monthly instalments you select at enrolment. Payment in excess of the instalment due cannot be applied to your plan. To pay more, you must contact us to cancel your plan.
  6. You agree that your monthly minimum payment will be calculated as: your Plan instalments due that month + any overdue or overlimit amount + the greater of $30 or 2.5% of your closing Standard Plan balance, or if your closing Standard Plan balance is less than $30, the closing Standard Plan balance.
    This means your monthly minimum payment obligation may increase.
  7. By enrolling in Pay Your Way, you request that part of your monthly minimum payment will be applied to your monthly instalment as set out above, before other balances with higher interest rates. This means you may be liable to pay a greater amount or rate of interest than you would otherwise be liable to pay. You also request that payments in excess of the minimum payment apply to the Standard Plan balance on your last statement, then unbilled Standard Plan balances, then to the minimum payment on your next monthly statement. You may withdraw these requests at any time by cancelling your Pay Your Way plans and enrolment.
  8. You may cancel your Pay Your Way enrolment or plan(s) by calling us. Cancellation can take up to 5 business days.
  9. We may withdraw this offer, prevent you from creating any new Plans or cancel any existing plan at any time if your Account is overdue.
  10. Credits or refunds relating to an Eligible Purchase will not automatically cancel your plan nor be treated as a payment by you, but will apply to your Standard Plan balance. To cancel a plan, please contact us.
  11. David Jones American Express Card Members are not eligible for this offer. Please see instore for further details.

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