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International Money Transfers For Financial Institutions

International money transfers

Our suite of foreign exchange services gives your customers the ability to safely transfer and receive funds in over 100 currencies. We can meet the needs of your business and customers with our user-friendly online platform and our outstanding customer service.

Foreign Exchange Travel Solutions

Travel money

We have the travel solutions to make sure your customers are always covered, whatever their preference.

Our leading cash and travellers cheque solutions allow your customers to order foreign currency notes in over 65 currencies in a range of denominations.

Alternatively, they can take advantage of the widely accepted American Express Travellers Cheques1 - a convenient, secure, low cost option for your customers’ travel money.

Foreign Exchange Wholesale Currency

Wholesale currency

Our wholesale currency service allows you to buy and sell 65 foreign cash currencies through our established relationships with major central and international banks, usually delivered within 48 hours.

These relationships mean we can offer a continual, and competitive, supply and buy-back service.

More about international money transfers for financial institutions

Supporting fluctuating cash requirements

We support the fluctuating cash requirements of financial institutions through buying back foreign cash, foreign cheques and travellers’ cheques and crediting your account usually within 48 hours.

Telegraphic transfers vs. bank drafts
  • Telegraphic transfers are immediate electronic transfers of foreign funds, which we can settle in a payee’s bank account usually within 48 hours – in over 140 currencies.
  • Bank drafts are cheques drawn in foreign currency, which we can deposit at an overseas financial institution usually within 48 hours – in 16 currencies.
Cash vs. travellers’ cheques
  • Cash is more widely accepted by businesses. Using cash incurs no fees or charges.
  • Travellers’ cheques aren’t as widely accepted, but are safer than cash because of our worldwide refund assistance. They are accepted at over one million locations worldwide and have no expiry date.

Both are ideal for destinations where cards are not readily accepted.

Make International Payments

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