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Date Ideas: 11 Date Night Ideas for a Fun Date at Home

At-home date nights are pure one-on-one bonding time with your significant other. Play your cards right and it just might be the most fun (and romantic) evening. Make it low-key or action-packed; set a small budget or spend a little more – the living room is your oyster. Here, we unpack fun date ideas for a cozy night in. 

July 24, 2020 in Life

Couple eating popcorn in bed

Fun date ideas

1. Get competitive with a games date night

Don’t discount the good old-fashioned fun of board games. You probably have a closet full of classics collecting dust, and there’s a trove of delightful games you can order online. Maybe you choose charades, or perhaps trivia is more your speed. Whatever you choose, pour a glass of something tasty and unleash your competitive sides.

2. Date night truth or dare

The game you played in middle school lives on! It’s still thrilling to revisit old secrets and feed off the adrenalin of a dare. To help with prompts, write some dare ideas on slips of paper to be pulled out of a bowl. Things like: Eat a hot pepper, do a cartwheel in the yard or send a goofy pic to a mutual friend.

3. Get dressed up for at-home date night

All dressed up and nowhere to go? That’s the plan. Not only will getting gussied up for date night help you to feel good about yourself, it’s nice to dress for each other, too. We’re not talking formal tails and gowns here (but if that’s your thing, by all means, go for it). Think stylish and comfy, like a flowy dress, chinos and a golf tee or your favourite leggings with a “going-out” top. Add a spritz of perfume or slap of aftershave and whatever else makes you feel put together.

Date night dinner ideas

4. Delivery – but make it fancy

What you order doesn’t have to be fancy, but how you enjoy it certainly can be. Light some candles, plate your meal on the fancy china and use cloth napkins for a restaurant-worthy vibe. You could order in pasta and recreate the cliché Lady and the Tramp moment. Or opt for some Thai or Ethiopian grub. Here’s a tip: you can earn Membership Rewards® points or cash back on eligible Card purchases, including on delivery, made on your Membership Rewards enrolled or Cash Back Card.

5. Bake together

A flirty baking night is not only a fun activity, it yields some delicious rewards. Choose a recipe together that you’re both excited about and decide who will do what. Maybe someone is a measurer and another is the mixer. Toss a coin for cleanup duty. If you’re baking a cake or cookies, half the fun is in the decorating. Try a theme or have a contest to see who comes up with the most creative masterpiece.

Cozy night dinner ideas

6. Sip cocktails in the backyard

Seasons don’t matter if you have a heat lamp or fireplace (both very worthy investments) to keep cocktail hour downright whimsical. For this date idea, add some ambiance by stringing up patio lights and placing a lantern or candles around and queuing up some music. A bowl of snacks is also strongly encouraged.

7. Binge-watch a new show

Now’s your chance to mainline that new thriller everyone’s been buzzing about. When committing to a long night of TV, it’s important to come prepared. Grab a blanket and gather your snacks. Finger foods are important considerations. You’ll want to hit both sweet and salty marks. Think popcorn, a bowl of chips and dip, and maybe something chocolatey or a variety of gummy candies. You could theme the food around what you’re watching, too: fish and chips paired with a British drama sure sounds like fun.

8. Share your favourite albums

Music is tied to memory and it’s so much fun to share and revisit albums with your love, even if you experienced them together. Cozy up and actually listen to an entire album (remember those?). Choose something with meaning, like the tunes you played endlessly during your first summer job. You could stick to a specific genre or play each other the songs that harken back to your early dating days. Sing along, if you dare!

9. Tune into a true crime podcast

Back in the day, families would gather around the living room for enthralling, mystery-themed radio shows. Let’s bring that back but make it digital. With a bevy of podcast choices at your fingertips, this oldfangled tradition is your new cozy. Curl up with some snacks, dim the lights, haul out the candles and choose your spook, from paranormal stories to fascinating cases.

Creative date ideas

10. Artsy date night

Take turns painting a large canvas, make collages or try your hand at watercolours. It doesn’t have to be fancy – you could even play with modelling clay! Whatever medium you choose, dive in and get messy.

11. Tell a new story

If you’ve been together a while, you might think you’ve told each other everything. But there just might be one funny tale from childhood you’d forgotten. Date night is the perfect time to regale your loved one with stories from your past. Ask family and old friends to jog your memory for a gem or raid a childhood diary for funny anecdotes.

No matter what you choose to do for your date night at home, know the most important thing is spending fun time together. Browse all the Cards that American Express® offers to find the one that best suits your lifestyle.

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