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How To Plan Your Honeymoon

After the stress of planning your wedding is over, you’re probably looking forward to your first trip together as a married couple. Your honeymoon could be the trip of a lifetime if you plan it well. Some things to consider include where to go, how much to spend on a honeymoon and what activities your ideal itinerary
would include. With just the right amount of preparation, you could keep the wedded bliss going long after you’ve exchanged your vows and make memories together to last a lifetime.

May 28, 2021 in Life

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Build a honeymoon plan together   

Unlike wedding planning, where responsibilities can be divided between couples and among family members, it’s best to plan for your honeymoon as a couple since it’s only the two of you who are going. You should both sit down to discuss your preferences, set plans, check off your to-do items, and see if you can include any bucket list destinations or experiences on your itinerary.

Set your honeymoon budget

A honeymoon can come with a range of expenses. Some of them are obvious, like flights, meals and accommodations. Others are costs you may not think of right away, such as visas and paperwork, a camera to capture all the memories and the perfect swimsuit for the beach. Set a realistic budget that covers possible costs and still includes money left over for unexpected expenses, so you can pick up souvenirs to commemorate the trip.

Find your honeymoon destination 

After you’ve talked about your dream honeymoon and squared that up against your budget, you can begin researching locations and activities to build a honeymoon you will love.

How long can your honeymoon last?

The length of your honeymoon depends on your budget, how much time you can both take off from work, how far you will be travelling, and your personal preferences. The less time it actually takes to get there, the more time you can spend honeymooning. If the timing isn’t quite right or you won’t have enough saved, consider taking a mini-honeymoon right after your wedding and plan for a longer trip later on down the road.

Get destination references

While online reviews can be a helpful guide to narrow down possible destinations, the reviewers don’t know what you or your partner might be looking for specifically. Asking friends and family for recommendations allows you to follow up with targeted questions, get honest answers, and ultimately make a choice that is tailored to your preferences. 

Choose your honeymoon destination 

Where you ultimately go on your honeymoon is probably the most important decision you will make for your first wedded vacation. Perhaps you’re willing to take an overseas flight to get there, or maybe you’d both prefer to stay closer to home. If you both enjoy sightseeing, historical landmarks and urban landscapes, a city getaway might be the best choice. However, if some rest and relaxation on a beach is more up your alley, a vacation resort or a spa hotel might be a better bet. Whatever your preference, you should first decide what your priorities are as a couple, then pick a destination that combines positive reviews with your goals. Once your destination is picked, start thinking about the hotels or resorts you want to stay at. This could be a great time to redeem your credit card rewards.

Look for offers and benefits

While any vacation will cut down your savings, there are some key tips to get the most value from your honeymoon.
Here’s what you can do to cut costs or pack even more fun from your trip.

Book your honeymoon online

While getting a free honeymoon upgrade through a travel agent is possible, you may end up missing out on other perks and savings. For example, with the Amex Travel platform, Cardmembers get access to benefits like select travel offers and special rates on eligible bookings. If you’ve done enough research on your own, booking online through Amex Travel can help you save on your honeymoon suite.

Redeem your credit card rewards and benefits   

Some of your travel rewards credit cards may include redemptions for hotels and flights. If you’re an American Express CobaltTM* Cardmember, you could receive hotel credits and room upgrades at qualifying hotels and resorts with The Hotel Collection2, when booking a minimum of two consecutive nights online with American Express Travel using your American Express Card.

Tips to get the most out of your honeymoon

Once you have booked the best location for your honeymoon, it’s time to get down to the day-to-day details of your vacation. Here are some honeymoon tips to fill every day with adventure, relaxation and time to celebrate your marriage.

Create a perfect honeymoon itinerary   

After you have decided on a destination and your accommodations, you can begin building out your plan for each day of your trip. 


As you build that perfect honeymoon itinerary for yourself and your partner, choose the activities that resonate the most with you rather than relying purely on other people’s recommendations. Before you go, decide what excursions you want to take or which restaurants you’d like to dine at. Make reservations ahead of time to avoid disappointment. Take advantage of the AMEX Global Dining Collection  and enjoy access to specially reserved tables at participating restaurants around the globe.6

Mix chill with adventure    

In between all the sightseeing, tours and other activities you will have planned, make sure to leave enough room for relaxation. Leisure time will ensure you don’t exhaust or overwhelm yourselves from a too-packed itinerary, especially after the whirlwind of your wedding day. Keep a good balance between adrenaline-pumping activities and chilling on the beach, golf course, pool or simply enjoying each other’s company with nothing much to do.

Don’t forget to surprise your spouse    

While planning ahead ensures the best use of your time, don’t be afraid to be a little unpredictable to heighten the excitement of this special trip. Try mixing in a few romantic surprises for your spouse, like special honeymoon room decoration, a couple’s massage or a private candlelit dinner for two.

Use a rewards credit card for your honeymoon expenses

If you don’t already have a rewards credit card, planning your wedding and honeymoon is the perfect time to sign up for one. Many rewards credit cards offer welcome bonuses that kick in after a minimum spend is met. Putting your honeymoon expenses on a rewards card can help you finance the cost of your trip and your activities, while earning you points for each eligible dollar you spend.


Using a travel rewards credit card can help you earn more points by offering accelerated earn rates on categories like travel purchases. For example, you can earn 3x the points on eligible purchases made directly with Air Canada®* and Air Canada Vacations®* with the American Express® Aeroplan®* Reserve Card.3




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