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Register for Account Alerts to keep track of what’s happening with your Account.

Account Alerts is a free service that updates you with key account information such as Payment and Spending Alerts by Email, SMS, and/or Amex App. You can also personalize the notification setting through Online Services or Amex App.

To take advantage of this service, register for Account Alerts and select which reminders you would like to receive, the method of delivery and when you'd like to be notified.


What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications allow you to receive important account updates via push notifications and events on your timeline.

Where will my Push Notifications appear on my device?

By enrolling in Push Notifications, your financial information may be displayed on your mobile device’s Lock Screen and Notification Centre. The information that may be presented within these locations includes Payment Amount, Balance Amount, Due Date, Payment Date, Statement Date and Last 5 Digits of your Card. If you do not wish to receive Push Notifications in these locations, you can manage your Notifications in your mobile device Notification settings at any time. You can individually manage your Amex Push Notifications you want to receive within the Amex App at any time.

What if I already receive American Express Account Alerts?

Enrollment for the Amex App Push Notifications and American Express Account Alerts are separate. If you are enrolled for both Amex Push Notifications and Account Alerts by email or SMS, changes made to the settings on one service may impact the settings of the other.

What happens to my Push Notifications if I change or lose my device?

If you change or lose your mobile device, that device may continue to receive Push Notifications until a new device is set up for Push Notifications. Thus when you change devices please ensure to set up Push Notifications on your new device.

Will others see my Push Notifications?

If another user is on your device and logged into the Amex App with their American Express account, your Push Notifications will not be sent during this time. If the other user changes their Push Notifications preferences while using your device they may overwrite your existing Push Notification preferences. Therefore you should review who has access to your device.

What if I do not receive my Push Notifications?

We are not responsible if you do not receive Communications due to your device or due to systems failures, interruptions in communications systems or due to your device settings or any other reasons. If necessary, it is your sole responsibility to adjust your device service settings. Failure to receive a Communication, receipt of an inaccurate Communication or an inability to access the My Account service for any reason does not constitute an exception to your obligation to pay your Account balance on time, maintain your unpaid balance below your credit limit (if applicable), pay the minimum due on your Account in a timely manner so that we receive payment by the payment due date, or any other obligation under your Amex Agreement and you will still be bound by our statements, notices and the Amex Agreement. Notwithstanding our sending of or your receipt of a payment notification, payments received are subject to clearing and return. If necessary, you agree to login to the My Account service or contact us to obtain information.