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What Card fees am I expected to pay?

What Card fees can I expect to pay?

Credit Cards and Charge Cards can sometimes have fees associated with them and can depend on the type of Card you have. Here's what you need to know.

Card Fees Explained

Annual Cardmembership Fee

Some American Express® Credit Cards charge an annual fee. The amount and the value of rewards, varies from Card to Card.

Useful terms

  • Funds Advance Fee: Payable if you withdraw cash from your Credit Card account from an ATM (enrolled Card Members only)
  • Foreign Currency Conversion Fee: Payable when any charge is processed in a currency other than Canadian dollars.
  • Dishonoured Payment: Payable if there aren’t enough funds in your nominated account to pay the Card account or if the whole or part of a payment by direct debit is rejected.
  • Statement Reprint Fee: Payable if you or a Supplementary Card Member requests an additional posted monthly paper statement. You may access statements free of charge through your online account.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to your questions.

How can I pay my bill?

In three easy steps, you can pay your American Express Bill through the Online Payment Centre:

Step 1: Register a Canadian dollar deposit bank account held at a Canadian financial institution with American Express. The bank account must either belong to you or, for joint accounts, you must have single authority. It will take up to 3 calendar days to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Initiate a payment by selecting your eligible Card with us and filling in the appropriate form fields within the Payment Centre. When finished submit the payment by clicking “Continue” Once enrollment of a new bank account is completed, a payment can be scheduled. From this point onwards, an immediate and future payment can be submitted.

Step 3: Verify that the information you provided is accurate and click “Continue” to complete the process
Once completed a confirmation notice will be provided and your submitted payment transaction details will be available for future review in the Payment History tab.

There are many other convenient ways to pay:

  • Internet banking
  • Telephone banking
  • By mailing a cheque in

Please note: Fees may apply and processing times may vary depending on the payment option you use. Please check the details with your financial institution. Services may also vary by financial institution. Payments will be credited upon receipt by Amex Bank of Canada.

What is my minimum payment on my American Express Credit Card?

The Minimum Due is the minimum payment required to avoid account delinquency. Please Note: if you hold an American Express Charge Card Account, payment is due in full at the due date.

The Minimum Due is displayed on the Account Summary page within Online Services' and is highlighted in grey. Click here to review your Card Account Summary page. The Minimum Due is also displayed on your statement. For more details on payments, please refer to your Cardmember Agreement.

What types of Card fees are there?

Some American Express® Cards charge an annual fee in return for rewards, features and benefits. The amount will vary depending on the Card you apply for.


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