Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ’s on this website pertains to American Express Gift Cards issued by Amex Bank of Canada. Please check the back of your card for issuer information. If issued by Peoples Trust, please visit

Always Purchase charge applies. Use of the Gift Card is subject to the Cardholder Agreement, which includes usage restrictions, terms and conditions. Not valid until purchased and activated. This Gift Card is not reloadable.

Read Gift Card Cardholder Agreement.

1. For use only at merchants in Canada and the U.S. that accept American Express Cards except cruise lines, casinos, recurring billing and any other merchants or transactions that American Express may determine from time to time. Not for use at ATMs or redeemable for cash. In some cases Gift Card acceptance may be restricted to certain merchant locations (e.g. mall), which will be indicated with the Gift Card if applicable. You may also call Customer Service for more information at 1-800-505-6849.


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