Payment terms that

work in your favour

Accelerate customer payments with American

Express Working Capital Loyalty Solutions

Enjoy Financial


Position payment terms like never before and stand out

in the market with Flexible Commercials,

Innovative Technology, and access our rewarding

loyalty solutions.

Less burden for you


American Express Working Capital Loyalty Solutions provides flexible programs allowing you to pass on, share, or absorb transaction costs incurred.

More incentive for customers


Say goodbye to delayed payments. Our loyalty Program helps drive early payment behaviour, keeping you and your customers happy.

Empower your


American Express Working Capital Loyalty Solutions helps you get paid faster with a lucrative customer loyalty program. With world-class transactional security and dynamic flexibility on rates and fees, you can enjoy direct payments at a pace that moves with your business.


How it Works

American Express payment solutions allows

your customers to make secure payments remotely.

Accept payments across all sales channels 

Powerful customisation to meet payment objectives

Turnkey payment solutions to minimise set-up

Secure your


The American Express Gateway is a customisable web-based payment platform that allows your customers to make secure payments directly to you. Your customer simply clicks on a secure link and the payment is made. It's that simple.


Seamless connections

We work with you to enable and administer your payment Gateway on an ongoing basis, helping you reduce financial risk associated with credit card mishandling and fraud.

The American Express Gateway provides a fast, simple and secure payment

Leading security system that meets Australian data security standards

Powerful customisation

Data feed files for simple integration into your enterprise resource planning

Dynamic pricing

Administered by AMEX B2B team

Keep your business 

moving with AMEX



American Express payment solutions allows your customers to make secure payments remotely.

Our Partnerships


We are proud to partner with businesses from all over Australia, helping them streamline and grow their business with our payment solutions.

Frequently Asked


What value is there for me as a B2B Merchant?


Enhanced Payment Experience. Payment Behaviour. Preferred Supplier Agreements and Customer Loyalty.

What are the costs associated with an American Express B2B facility?


No set up fees. No monthly fees. No annual fees. No termination fee. The only time you incur any charge is when you process a transaction.

Is there a transaction CAP when using the American Express Gateway?


No, there is no cap when using the Gateway.

Can I share the transaction cost with my customer?


Our unique agreements allow you to negotiate an arrangement bespoke to your requirements. The Gateway can recover some, all or none of the transaction cost from your customer.

What Marketing support is available as a B2B merchant for messaging Acceptance?


We provide a range of digital communication tools free of charge which you can send to your customers.

Want to learn more?


To see how American Express Working Capital Loyalty Solutions can help your business with flexible payment terms, email us today.




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