American Express Corporate Meeting Card

All your corporate meeting spend. All in one place.

Streamline your live and virtual meeting planning and event management expenses into one account.

Gain visibility, increase control, and help drive savings with a Corporate Meeting Card

The American Express® Corporate Meeting Card lets you consolidate and track your event planning expenses. By including all of your meeting expenses in one place, you can separate meeting budgets from travel and entertainment costs and gain more control over your corporate event planning.

Simplify and save with the American Express Corporate Meeting Card

Capture spend

Consolidate expenses into one account and gain visibility by isolating meeting expenses and enabling reporting specific to each event.

Create efficiency

Streamline reconciliation or allocation processes whilst integrating with existing workflows.

Control budgets

Improve compliance with preferred suppliers through the tracking of meeting expenses.

Gain flexibility

Gain great flexibility with prompt payments, while delivering added security to vendors and partners.

How does the American Express Corporate Meeting Card work?


Design your program

Work with a Business Specialist to customize your Corporate Meeting Card program, choose from physical Cards and virtual accounts, and set up your Cards and controls.


Consolidate your spending

Meeting planners can use the American Express Corporate Meeting Card for virtually all business event planning expenses, from venue deposits and speaker fees to travel expenses and welcome gifts.


Identify savings opportunities

Use the American Express @Work® platform to review spend, oversee compliance with meeting and travel policies, and identify opportunities to negotiate lower rates with preferred suppliers.

Case Study

Case study: a pharmaceutical company reduces conference costs

The Challenge: A large pharmaceutical company was spending a lot on conferences, without having full insight into how much money was going where. Tough procurement and Travel and Entertainment policies made it difficult to streamline spend, while supplier relationships with varying payment types and terms made it confusing to reconcile budgets and understand the big picture. They needed a solution that made it easier to manage their budget and use their preferred suppliers.


The Solution: With an American Express Corporate Meeting Card in place, the company was able to set spending limits for each conference and see how much was being spent with each supplier, in turn aiding annual procurement negotiations with preferred suppliers. Additionally, they were able to strengthen supplier relationships as the American Express Corporate Meeting Card pays vendors sooner, reducing the need to allocate admin time to complex purchase order and invoice-payment processes.

Time-saving tools meets white-glove service

Help put time on your side with comprehensive digital account-management tools and world class customer service from American Express.

American Express @Work


American Express @Work lets your Program Administrator (PA) manage all your company Card accounts from one convenient location.


  • Search accounts by Cardmember name, Card number, employee ID, cost center, payment status, and more.
  • Search and sort transactions by date range, Card type, Cardmember, account number, transaction status, and more.
  • Replace, transfer, suspend, un-suspend, or cancel Cards or groups of Cards.
  • Monitor spending and payments at the Card, Account, or company-wide level.
  • Generate Card reports and data files, customized reporting, and business travel reports.

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