American Express vPayment

Less time on paperwork. More time for growth.

The virtual payment solution that simplifies your payments process and gives you the flexibility to create virtual account numbers (VAN) as you need them.

Automated payments and easy reconciliations are just the beginning

American Express® vPayment™ uses VANs as a secure payment solution for each transaction. Program Administrators can set payment limits, usage date ranges and transaction details to help improve control and streamline reconciliation processes.

How vPayment Can Take Your Company to New Heights of Efficiency

American Express vPaymentTM from American Express streamlines the payment and reconciliation process, with specific controls for each transaction.

Control meets flexibility with American Express vPayment

Gain control

Set spending parameters to help keep your spending within budget, and easily track, match, and allocate spend.

Reduce risk

Use multiple controls and verification features to help ensure compliance while dynamic VANs help reduce the risk of fraud.

Empower employees

Assign VANs to employees who do not have a company Card which help to eliminate cumbersome reimbursement processes.

How does American Express vPayment work?


Set parameters

Choose a customizable set of user input fields for the transaction.


Create VAN

The vPayment platform generates a single-use VAN for the transaction.


Charge Account

The supplier charges your American Express vPayment account.


Verify payment

The virtual payment processing platform verifies the transaction against set controls. If all parameters are met, the American Express vPayment platform approves the transaction and initiates payment.

Case Study

Case study: A Manufacturing Company Streamlines Their Supplier Payment Process

The Challenge: When faced with the need to pay multiple suppliers on separate invoices with different details, Program Administrators struggled to find a solution to pay the invoices on time and efficiently, while receiving enough information to reconcile the payments.


The Solution: The client implemented American Express vPayment, which allowed them the flexibility to generate one-time VANs for each invoice as well as customize fields such as cost center and date ranges to help match the transactions to the invoices. Then, the Program Administrators sent the suppliers the VANs for payment for the approved amounts. Each payment was tied to a specific transaction and all fields had to match for the payment to be validated. The vPayment solution solved their supplier payment and reconciliation needs without needing to increase staff, which allowed them more time to focus on growth.

Time-saving tools meets white-glove service

Help put time on your side with comprehensive digital account-management tools and world class customer service from American Express.

American Express @Work®


American Express @Work lets your Program Administrator (PA) manage all your company Card accounts from one convenient location.


  • Search accounts by Cardmember name, Card number, employee ID, cost center, payment status, and more.
  • Search and sort transactions by date range, Card type, Cardmember, account number, transaction status, and more.
  • Replace, transfer, suspend, un-suspend, or cancel Cards or groups of Cards.
  • Monitor spending and payments at the Card, Account, or company-wide level.
  • Generate Card reports and data files, customized reporting, and business travel reports.

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