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How do I close my Card Account?

Closing your Card Account
Call our Customer Services team on 0800 032 7642.

Feel free to ask them if a different American Express Card from our range might be more suited to your needs.

Lost or stolen Card
If your Card is lost, stolen, damaged or not received, you can notify us and order a replacement Card using your Online Account. Simply go to Account Management, click on “Order a replacement Card for damaged, lost, or stolen Cards” and follow the instructions provided.

If you don’t have an Online Account, please call us immediately on the appropriate 24-hour phone line:

  • In the UK: 0800 917 8047
  • Abroad: +44 (0)1273 696 933

Find more information lost or stolen Cards here.

Emergency Card replacement
We can often get a replacement Card to you within two working days.

We can instantly update your Card in your mobile Wallet, if you are registered for Apple Pay.

Find more information about emergency Card replacement here.