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PIN Enquiries 

Forgotten PIN

Your anniversary. Mothers Day. Your PIN number. Some things in life are easy to forget. Luckily, If you ever forget your PIN, you can view it instantly and securely online at any time of the day or night.

If you forget your PIN, or lock it (by entering it incorrectly three consecutive times at an ATM or till), you can view your PIN online under Card Management. You will then be able to unlock your PIN at an ATM [if necessary].
If you do not have online access and have forgotten your PIN, you can request a written PIN reminder by calling us.

You will need to register for Online Services to access your PIN.

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Change of PIN

PINs can be changed to an easy-to-remember number at any one of 30,000 UK LINK ATMs that offer PIN services. (Easy-to-remember shouldn’t mean easy-to-guess, of course. Be a little cryptic.)

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