Corporate social responsibility


   Corporate social responsibility


One of the most significant ways we can back our colleagues, customers and communities is to do our part to operate our Company responsibly, contribute to a low-carbon future and protect the environment.


Since 2015, American Express has provided transparent updates on impacts to people, communities and the environment through a global corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, issued annually.


But after 66 years of operating in Australia and New Zealand, we know that the region has its own unique concerns and priorities. In addition to the American Express global CSR report, we’re proud to launch a local version, providing information on our operations and the interactions we have with our customers, colleagues and communities.

Our priority areas


Through extensive research, we identified our focus areas to ensure we’re directing our efforts on what matters most to our local stakeholders.



Backing our customers


When our customers thrive, so do we. It’s why we aim to provide the world’s best customer experience every day to our Card Members, merchants and business partners across both countries. But it also guides how we support them. From tailored recommendations to proactive support during moments of hardship, we look after customers during the good times and the challenging times.



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Backing our communities


Guided by long-standing relationships with our community partners, we recognise the importance of contributing and connecting with the communities in which we live and work. An important element of this is supporting the not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises that make the Australian and New Zealand communities more inclusive, liveable and resilient.



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Backing our colleagues


We believe we are a better company when each of our colleagues feels included, valued and respected for who they are and what they contribute. Shaped by our Blue Box Values, our inclusive culture and workforce is one of our biggest strengths – but we’re committed to building on this success, driving further progress and fostering an innovative workplace where our colleagues can flourish.



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Operating responsibly



As a business built on relationships, our success depends on holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethics and regulatory compliance. This includes respecting human rights in our business operations and launching our first Modern Slavery Statement per the Modern Slavery Act.



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Sustainability: managing the environmental impact of our operations



Sustainable business practices are vital for protecting the health and safety of our colleagues and customers, as well as every community and future generation across the region and the world. We’re committed to doing our part to conserve the natural resources of Australia and New Zealand.



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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


The SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets geared toward solving the world’s most pressing problems, including ending poverty, achieving gender equality, reducing inequality, taking action on climate change, achieving food security, protecting the planet, and ensuring sustainable prosperity for all.


We have mapped the Sustainable Development Goals to our business initiatives and programs and believe our work is aligned with 12 Global Goals:

Global and local corporate social responsibility(CSR)


As a global company, our operations span many different countries and regions. Learn more about our global CSR commitments here.


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