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A closer look at
Credit Card fees

Learn about the Credit Card
fees you pay and the ones
you can avoid.

Types of Credit Card fees

On some Credit Cards, we charge an annual Card fee in return for richer rewards, features, and benefits. The amount, and value of the rewards and benefits, varies from Card to Card. In addition to an annual fee, you may be subject to the following fees.

 Types of fees  Amount
 Additional Statement Fee  $10
 Cash Advance Fee (enrolled Card Members only)  $2.50 or 2% of the cash advance amount (whichever is greater)
 Currency Conversion Fee  3% of the converted amount
 Dishonour Fee  $6 for each dishonour or debit rejection
 Late Payment Fee  $30
 Over The Counter Fee  $3
 Record of Charge  $7 for charges in Australia, $10 for other charges

Some useful terms


Cash Advance Fee (enrolled Card Members only): Payable if you withdraw cash from your Credit Card account from an ATM.


Currency Conversion Fee: Payable when any charge is processed in a currency other than Australian dollars.


Dishonour Fee: Payable if there aren’t enough funds in your nominated account to pay the Card Account or if the whole or part of a payment by direct debit is rejected.


Additional Statement Fee: Payable if you or an Additional Card Member requests an additional posted monthly paper statement. You may access statements free of charge through your online Account.


Late Payment Fee: Payable if you do not pay the minimum payment required by the due date as shown on your statement.


Over The Counter Fee: Payable if you pay your Card Account in person at Australia Post1.


Record of Charge: Payable if you or an Additional Card Member requests a copy of an individual charge.


When do I pay my annual fee?

We will charge the annual Card fee in the month of your Card Membership anniversary.


How can I avoid paying an annual fee?

We have several Cards that do not come with an annual fee, offering both convenience and value. Find out if a no annual fee Card is right for you.


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What is a Credit Card surcharge?

A surcharge is a fee that a business charges a customer for using a Credit Card to make a purchase. While American Express® strongly opposes surcharging, it is a cost that a business can choose to pass on to a customer if they wish.


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Credit Cards with no annual fee

Discover the great benefits that come with a Credit Card with no annual fee, such as earning Membership Rewards on your everyday spending and Frequent Flyer points that can be used to redeem flights.

Protect your Smartphone Screen with Cover2 (up to $500 for screen repairs to your Smartphone when you pay for your phone or contract with your Essential Credit Card. A 10% excess applies to the claimed amount)

Earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Points on your everyday spend




Earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points on your everyday spend






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What do you want from a Card?

Everyone’s different, so you need a Card that has benefits that best suit your lifestyle.
Choose the Card with benefits that best suit you.


Earn Membership
Rewards points from
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Frequent Flyer

Maximise rewards
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Enjoy premium
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No Annual Fee

Save more with no
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Live life to the fullest with American Express Membership

As an American Express Card Member, you get to enjoy travel benefits that take you further, points that are more rewarding and services that open more doors around the world.

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