More time to pay.
More room to grow.
Use Flexible Payment Option to pay
over time.




A little payment flexibility can be a big advantage for businesses like yours. That’s why Flexible Payment Option (FPO) is available on your American Express® Business Card. 


FPO gives you the option to carry forward a portion of your monthly Closing Balance, up to your FPO Credit Limit each month. With an instant line of credit – and no credit applications required – you can free up your cash flow in moments that matter.  



How does it work?



It’s simple. Each month, your statement shows your Closing Balance and the Minimum Amount Due. You can either pay your Closing Balance in full to avoid interest charges1, or pay any Amount above your Minimum Amount Due to extend your cash flow. The choice is yours.

Extend your cash flow by paying as little as the Minimum Amount Due each month1. Interest charges apply.



Keep paying your Closing Balance in full each month and pay no interest1.


See FPO on your statement


Get familiar with FPO by seeing how it looks on your statement.



How is the Minimum Amount Due calculated?


The Minimum Amount Due is made up of:

2.5% of your Closing Balance up to FPO Credit Limit


$30 (whichever is greater)


Any overdue balance or fees charged by American Express, including the annual fee



Any balance exceeding your FPO Credit Limit


A handy, hassle-free way to manage payments

Put more opportunities in the ‘yes’ pile 


With the option to pay over time, you’ll be free to seize new opportunities
without depending on an overdraft or business loan.

Choose the amount you wish to pay


Each month you can pay your Closing Balance in full, the Minimum Amount Due or anything in between – the choice is yours1.

Keep using the benefits you love


FPO joins your Card’s long list of benefits, like points2 for everyday spend3, no pre-set spending limit4 and
travel insurance5


Your Card still works the same way


FPO is just an additional feature you have the choice to use.



Frequently asked questions



Any other questions?


If you have any other questions regarding FPO, or would like to opt out of this feature, please contact your Account Manager or call the number on the back of your Card.