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Benefit from our programs that support small businesses - we promote local businesses to our Card Members, at no extra cost to you. 


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Why accept American Express?

When you accept American Express we support you through:


Complimentary marketing to help send American Express Card Members your way


Competitive and transparent pricing with no set up costs or hidden fees  



Speedy payment options – get paid as quickly as one business day1


Tools and online support to help manage your business


Best-in-class solutions to help prevent
fraud and disputes online or in-store

An extra set of eyes on your business:



Help reduce fraud with a suite of tools designed to help flag suspicious activity and keep your business safe. We also continually update our policies to make managing disputes easier.


To understand our Disputes process better click here.


Competitive Rates, 

without the guesswork.


As an American Express accepting Merchant, your rates are competitive, transparent and based on your industry and annual account activity. These rates are consistent across all our Credit and Charge Card products to help make acceptance simple.2 

There are also no extra set up costs or additional monthly fees involved – you only pay when a customer uses their American Express Card.

We've added over 59,000 new locations across Australia in 2022.3 Not one of them?

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