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Instalment Plans from American Express

Pay off your purchases with Instalment Plans

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What is Plan It Instalment Plans?


A feature on your American Express® Personal or Business Credit Card that allows you to pay for your purchases or a portion of your balance over time in equal monthly instalments.


Plan It provides flexibility and control, taking the guess work out of your payments.



Why choose Plan It?


No application, and no credit checks required. Instalment plans are part of your existing credit limit. Subject to eligibility.1


Fixed monthly fee shown upfront, no interest. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay each month.2


Flexible options – choose from 3, 6, or 12 month instalments.


Your monthly instalment plan is automatically included in your minimum due each month.3


Set up and manage everything from your American Express ® App or Online Services Account.

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Longstanding support, protection, and customer service from American Express.


Plus, earn rewards on the purchase the way you usually do.

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How to use Plan It to pay in instalments

The American Express® App showing a list of transactions with the Plan It icon beside eligible purchases.
how step1

Choose a purchase of £100 or more to put into an instalment plan.

Plan It create an instalment plan page on the American Express® App.

Choose the duration that best suits your needs: 3, 6, or 12 months.

Plan It review instalment plan page on the American Express® App.

Review and confirm.


What can I use Plan It for?

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Plan your next


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Plan that new


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Plan It™ Instalment Plan Calculator


With Plan It, you can spread the cost of your eligible purchases in monthly payments with fixed fees. This means a fixed instalment plan fee will be charged monthly instead of interest on the eligible purchase. The examples below show the costs of repaying using an instalment plan compared to repaying it over the same period without an instalment plan. This is for illustrative purposes only. Your actual fees may be more or less than the amount shown depending on your plan. 

For the purposes of this example, we have used an interest rate of 30% per annum. This may not be your personal rate and your actual rate may be more or less. The example assumes the monthly repayment is being made on the payment due date, and there are no other transactions on the Account. The total Plan It fee is based on the plan being created the day before the statement is generated and applied for each month of the duration of the plan.


Instalment Plan

Monthly Instalment Amount

£0 .00

Monthly Plan Amount


Monthly Fee


No Instalment Plan

Avg Monthly Card Repayment

£0 .00

Monthly Card Amount


Avg Monthly Interest



Key information


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Understanding your statement


When you create an instalment plan, your Credit Card statement might look different. Learn more about my statement.

Additional help and tips

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