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Express List


What is Express List?


Express List is your own personal list of your favourite places that you've shopped online. Your list allows you to speed up online shopping, by removing the extra authentication steps at checkout. All whilst still being protected by American Express SafeKey® security.


From using your Express List on your weekly online grocery shop to ensuring you swipe the last tickets to a sell-out stadium tour, save time by checking out seamlessly with Express List. 

How to personalise your Express List


 Your Express List is personal to you. You can manage your list from either your Online Account or the SafeKey® screen that appears at your online checkout. As long as you've shopped online at a store in the last 12 months, you can add them to your Express List. The more sites you add, the more authentication steps you'll skip when you're checking out online. 

online account express list

Online Account


1. Head to your Online Account


2.  Go to ‘Account Management’ > ‘Card Management’ > ‘Manage Express List’


3.  Get ticking to add your favourite sites

Is Express List secure?

Using Express List means seamless online shopping without compromising security. Each Express List transaction is run through SafeKey®, our smart authentication technology that works behind the scenes to protect you against fraud when you shop online. You might not always see it, however it's always there to check it's really you when you make a purchase, comparing each transaction against thousands of data points.  


Express List FAQs


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