American Express® Buyer Initiated Payment

Working capital optimisation for you. Peace of mind for your suppliers.

When it comes to managing the complexities of your business’ cash flow, Buyer Initiated Payment (BIP) allows you to stay in control of every aspect of it. 

Turn your Accounts Payable process into an efficient source of savings

Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) automates payments to your suppliers within your existing invoice approval workflow - helping you eliminate errors while reducing time and costs from your payment process.

Why American Express® Buyer Initiated Payments?

Maximise Control

BIP gives you the data and insights needed to manage your business. Track spending and increase efficiencies whilst easily integrating into your existing systems.

Save Money

BIP enables you to choose the timing and amount of each payment, improving cash flow predictability.

Save Time

Manage days cash on hand by extending Days Payable Outstanding by up to 58 days,
improving cashflow. Making payments with BIP can reduce your supplier's Day Sales Outstanding and improve their Accounts Receivable process.

How does American Express® Buyer Initiated Payments work?


Payment Initiated

The buyer uses the web-based Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) platform to schedule payments of approved invoices to


Funds Sent

American Express processes the payment on the scheduled date and deposits funds into the supplier's designated
Account within five business days. A remittance advice is sent to the supplier.


Payment Confirmed

The BIP platform updates with
real-time payment information. BIP Enterprise customers receive an automatic confirmation of payment.


Statement Settled

The buyer pays American Express, extending DPO by up to 58 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Important Information


1. The number of days by which your DPO is extended will vary depending on: (i) when during your American Express Card billing cycle you charge a transaction to a supplier; (ii) the date the transaction is posted to your account; and (iii) the date you pay the amount due on your American Express billing statement.


2. DSO reduction varies depending on the agreed terms upon which your customer makes payment using BIP.